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Help Topic: Posting Photos

While images may not be hosted on the forums, you can include an image to be displayed in your posts.

If you don't have web space available to host photos, you can try free online hosts such as google photos, and photobucket.

Once your image is online somewhere, go to the image with you internet browser. Right click on the image, and go to the Properties option (in most browsers). The address to your image is listed as Address or Location, and starts with an http://

Select and copy this address.

While you're making your post, you can insert the image at any point by using the following tags:

Replace the ***** with your images address, which you can now paste. You should end up with something like this:
Posted Image

When you're done with the rest of your post, click the "preview post" button to be sure the images work properly.

More information can be found here .