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MCL highway pegs and Footpeg lowering brackets

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#1 Gurock


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 08:02 PM

My 06 FJR has been laid up since October due to a a fall when my dad had a heart attack. I left it in front of my house in my rush to get to California and some clown knocked it over with his car. That broke the steering lock collar around the ignition and the ignition lock. My dad has been sick in California and recently passed away. It left me too busy to fix my bike. Now the Chicago weather is breaking and I have time to take care of my bike. Being that I have no mechanical aptitude I'm going to have shop fix it. Also being an older more fat guy I'd already added Heli triple clamp and bar extensions and had my seat modified. While the bike is in the shop I'm considering MCL highway pegs and lowering brackets being about 6' 0" and 285 lbs.

I'm wondering what others think of this idea. No disrespect to Wild Bill and maybe lots of you think his pegs are better? It's just that I've seen a few complaints that riders crashed in the turns blaming Wild Bill on this forum. Also, I do ride a lot in season. I'm hoping to put on 10 to 20 thousand miles this season and I'm trying to relieve strain on my old hips. Any suggestions will be welcome

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 08:23 PM

I've got a hybrid setup. Wild Bill brackets with Kuryakin extenders and footpegs. That gets the pegs out far enough from the side of the bike that I can rest my feet on them. With just the WB brackets and pegs there's not enough room to get my foot on comfortably. The edge of the FJR fairing is in the way. I'm not familiar with the MCL lowering brackets, but just checked their website and see only lowering brackets for the passenger footpegs. I'd be very very cautious about lowering my highway pegs that much--or any. The extenders I use are angled forward, rather than down, so they're no closer to the road in a lean than the pegs would be without an extender.

I very seldom touch a peg, and when I do, it's the normal footpeg, not the highway peg. Wouldn't care to surprise myself by touching one of those. Sorry to hear about your Dad, and of course the dickweed who knocked your bike over too (and drove away, I presume). Good luck with the fix.

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 09:27 PM

Mike's setup is unnecessary on your Gen2. Something about the way the plastic fits causes some Gen1 guys to bang their knees when they use highway pegs. Mike is one of them.

I used to have MCL highway pegs on my '07. I liked them way more than the WB designs I've seen. Mostly due to the fact that MCL uses Yamaha passenger pegs instead of the WB pegs that I consider cheap.

The pegs got left in the down position in some turns more than once, and they never failed to fold up. However, I ride pretty aggressively, and began grinding the mount on the right side. That was a solid piece, and I was afraid eventually, I might lift the bike.

Either the grinding of the mount, or hitting a road gator that smacked the right peg hard led to an oil leak in my primary cover. When I took the mount off, the bolts were bent to shit. Not good. A replaced gasket fixed the leak issue.

Due to the leak, I took them off and ended up selling them. If you don't grind them, you should be fine.

Don't know anything about the peg lowering

Edited to add: Also, very sorry about your dad. I lost my dad last year, and the things that make me think of him are endless.
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Posted 04 March 2012 - 10:04 PM

MCL copied Wild Bill's design, so I would never buy them on principal.

I've never had an issue with my Wild Bill peg mounts touching and I scrape the normal pegs on an occasional basis, but I do have a custom suspension. I don't see how MCL's are going to be any better in this regard as they are pretty much an identical design.

I've bought several pair of Wild Bill mounts over the years and have always appreciated their customer service. A happy customer here.

Sorry to hear about your dad.

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 01:47 AM

Here is a link to the driver's Footpeg lowering. http://www.motorcycl...&products_id=32

I was planing on using them to lower my regularcposition pegs and not the highway pegs. The highway pegs scare me about scraping just as they are. I don't really ride tat aggressive, but then you never know and I do like to go to twisting mountain roads and get challenged. It's just that I'd spent the last few years before I bought the FJR on either a Suzuki Burgman 650 or Honda Silverwing. On both of those the edge where the center stand or floor board would scrape was a lot less fast and I would scrape the heck out of them. The FJR rides much different and allows for much higher speed turns without a scrape then I'm used to. The funny thing is that I was probably faster off the line on the Burgman because it has no real gears you can't lift your front wheel on a fast start from a light. I spent a lot of time riding with a buddy on a BMW R1200R and in the turns he'd kill my Burgman or Silverwing, but off a light he'd lift his front wheel if he'd try to win in the first 100 yards. On the old Maxi scoots I'd not only scrape, but I'd gone both wheels in the air once on a sharp hill carpet section of IN 62 near Friendship, IN. For those who've been to Switzerland County, IN. Because the FJR has bigger better wheels and engine weight distribution it's much more meant for this kind of riding and has a faster edge of the envelope that I haven't had the guts to find yet.

Thanks to those that gave condolences about my dad. It's only been about three weeks and I miss him every day. While he lived in San Diego and I live in Chicago, I found ways to get to him every six or eight weeks ever since he'd been in California, especially since my died in a car accident in 1998. He was 86 and had been very sick since October 2nd or so. It was almost merciful as since then he'd needed oxygen all the time and suffered a lot. At least he got to die in his own bed in his own house and we managed to keep him out of any nursing home. I had lied to him all the time about riding my bikes to California or Vegas to meet him, because he worried to much about me on the bikes, but a month or so before he died I came clean and showed him hundreds of pictures of the cool places I'd been on the bikes. He loved the pictures, told me that he was glad and proud that I got to live the way I wanted, but wanted to know if I couldn't have done it with a car? Dad never had ridden a bike.

#6 Gurock


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Posted 05 March 2012 - 01:50 AM

That was mom died in 1998. Somehow left off a word.

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 04:33 PM

I dunno man. I would be verrrry hesitant to lower the regular pegs.

Hows your inseam? Instead of lowering the pegs to get your legs more extended, how about raising the seat? If you have the stock seat, is it in the high position?

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