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Spanner Nuts Again

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 05:11 PM

A few weeks ago I posted in the classified section regarding any interest in spanner socket for the FJR. I got a few views, however no response. Since then on either a V Star or FJR forum I saw a post regarding spanner nut size question for someone wanting to build their own socket. Since I had fabricated several spanners sockets for both the FJR and Road Star I purchased a spanner nut for both bike so as to test proper fit. The FJR is part number (90179-30691-00), OD of 41.7 mm, the ID is 28.98mm. The slots are around 2.3mm deep.

The Road Star/ V Star now uses (90179-25004-00), it has an OD of 40.1 and ID of 24mm. The slots are around 3/32 in. Both bike have the same six slot angles. You might be able to use a socket fitted for the FJR on the Star, however it would be loose. With the small torque used this might not be a problem. However a socket fitted for the Star would not fit the FJR spanner nut.

Using the search function on this forum revealed that sever member had machined some very nice sockets and offered them at very low cost. I also saw post regarding any source for spanner sockets. For anyone interested in fabricating a socket take a look at my Photobucket (FJR folder). I have placed a little better picture than what I had used in my classified add. I have seen several methods used to fabricate a spanner socket out of say a 36mm socket, cutting teeth with a Dremill tool, other a 1 ½ pipe as a starting point. I use 1/8-inch thick pipe, heavy washer, ¼ X ¼ stock for teeth and a 3/8-drive socket. Takes about 7 hrs. of work start to finish. As you can see no where near the look of something machined on a mill out of round solid stock like one member was producing (as I under stand no longer). I wish I had their skill. I have used my design and first build on a friends Road Star and very easy to get bearings torque correctly. I started with a spanner wrench and that didn’t go very well. Had to stop and fabricate a socket to finish the job. This design stay centered over the stem and nut when pre torque and final settings.


If any one is interested I would be willing to build a few and sell for $32 plus shipping. I think the spanner wrenches are going for about $35 an probably cut with a water jet out of flat plate.

Just for info I have had a FJR for about 1 1/2 years now. Also have a V Star 1300. Spend a lot of spare time on this forum and various V Star 1300 forums. Don't post much as my knowledge of the FJR is limited, am more active on the V Star forums.