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FJR1300 Power Strip Installation

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 03:38 PM

FJR1300 Power Strip Installation
Gen-II Update
By JT Pedersen (jt@jtpedersen.net), March 2012

Over the years I have used different wiring approaches when adding electrical upgrades to
my machines. Typically, they were wired direct to the battery or to an auxiliary circuit in
the bike’s fuse box if one was available. And, of course, there was always the obligatory
Battery Tender pigtail tucked away somewhere for the charger as well.

This approach is fine if you only plan on adding one or two electrical accessories. As you
add more than one or two, it becomes hard to avoid having wiring that starts looking
messy. Plus, with multiple wires tapping your battery terminals, seasonal battery
maintenance becomes a chore. Perhaps most important, roadside troubleshooting
becomes more difficult.

One of the benefits of owning a Yamaha FJR1300 is that it has a strong following with
many popular solutions having already been developed. One of the first sites I discovered
doing research is Warchild’s FJRTech.com. Warchild (Dave Wilson) contributed significantly
to the FJR community in its early years, particularly the 2003/2004 models.

Don’t Reinvent; Update
Rather than reinvent the wheel, the general approach I decided to follow is Warchild’s 12V
Power Strip installation. However, like many of the How-To FJR articles on the web, they
were written when the FJR was new and are based on the FJR “Gen-I.”

If you’re new to the FJR community, what you need to know is that after its (US)
introduction in 2003, some significant changes were made in 2006, command nly referred
to as “Gen-II.” A sample of changes involve the electrical system (uprated alternator,
relocated fuse boxes), revised air ducting, suspension changes (longer swing arm), and a
different instrument panel. (Gen 1/2 Model Comparison Matrix).

The Gen-2 changes impact all FJR1300 models model years 2006 onward (as of this
writing, 02/2012). Changes to dash design, airflow ducting, and fuse box relocation
mandate an update to Warchild’s original piece. Consider this an update document for
Gen-2 owners.

Retrieve full document: http://jtpedersen.ne...trip-Update.pdf

JT Pedersen



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