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  3. You're welcome!  I replaced all 9 with stock bulbs in my 2005 because after 100K, one was having a connection issue, and the others were getting dim.

    I'm hoping my 2016 can get the stock instrument cluster LEDs replaced with red through bluegauges.com...

  4. Hey Doug -


    Long time No? I see you're still here. Hey, I'm going to head up to Grass Valley later this week, probably Friday or Saturday to trade my '04 Mini Cooper for an '07 Suzuki V Strom 1000. I had an '02 V Strom and sold it and have kicked myself ever since. Are you going to be around? Might need a road and or weather report?

    Here's my cell number = (805) 704 4425

    George Jercich aka Khunajawdge

  5. Used to do a lonnnnnnnnng rides about 12000 miles a year mostly on my Goldwing but since the Covid I just have 5000 miles on my 2018 FJR A. Being retired I have a lot of time for riding but right now I am going to wait to see what going on with the virus.

  6. This won't help you, but I have an '05 and have the original bulbs still going strong.  Tried some Sylvania Bright something or other but they died within 3 months!  Doesn't seem "normal" to me that bulbs burn out so quickly.

    1. Papa54


      It's the shaking that causes them to go bad. I bought a set of heavy duty H4 headlight bulbs, off of Amazon. That fixed it.  They were about $30.00

  7. It's been a while it looks like, but have you gotten rid of all your 2006 FJR parts for sale?

  8. or we will just go up 395 out of reno to 31 as suggested 

  9. Question: Do you ride with a mask on? or does your helmet provide enough protection? 😉

  10. Deleted.  Send PM instead.

  11. Hi mike here proud owner 2019 es now a little over a year and 21,000 miles so far awsome machine


  12. Hey ... do you have a pic of the back rest? and how much would you like for it?


    1. blassoff


      Like $140 delivered (or $120 and you pay shipping).  Send me your email address and I'll send you a couple of pictures. b.lassoff@verizon.net

    2. fjrob1300



      I'm in Ontario. 



  13. Please email me at atkinson@openaccess.org

  14. Would you be interested in selling the Laam rear passenger seat? 

    I just managed to get my wife back on a bike after a 20 year gap and she's looking to be a little more comfortable on longer rides than just around town.



    1. parnelli213


      No, it is a package deal.

    2. rdrasher
  15. I'm interested in the seat, can you send me some pics of the laam seat?

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    2. rdrasher


      Awesome! Thanks again. 

    3. rdrasher


      Hit me up with a tracking number when you get a chance.



    4. McRide


      Not handy at the moment... on its way to you Sat - Monday

  16. Still have the hi way peg Pops?

    1. Fairlaner


      morning boys

    2. Niehart


      Yes and hi Richard.

      Don, they are yours for the cost of shipping.


  17. Weren't you looking for a low mileage '04? Scroll down to the bottom HERE! :)

  18. Hi, I've been browsing the site for some answers and it looks like you might be able to advise me. I have a 2008 with 130,000 miles. My bike stopped for the first time, I got it back home and had a look. The 4 indicators were glowing and the brake lights didn't work. I thought spider bite, sure enough the S3 was brown and rough looking. I crimped it, no joy. I also crimped the spider by the ECU as the brake light is earthed through that, no joy. It would start really rough but unrideable and it will stall. There were no error codes initially but the ER-1 (ECU error) now shows. I have an '09 ECU to try this weekend. Can you help me to check if my 2008 ECU is actually gone bad? Any advice appreciated.

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