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  4. Charlie,

    Headed to WV this EOM (2021). What are you up to?

  5. We are heading (3 of us) are heading down on Wednesday. First night outside of Williamsport Pa

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    2. cota95


      No objections. We are meeting up at exit 21 off 91-south of Hartford. We'll be gassing up here-8:30-45 on Wednesday. Thursday we are going to the Flight 93 site and then on to Weston-TALA  http://www.trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com/



    3. cota95


      phone number is 401-486-9202

    4. sullivan



      George, where are you guys staying that night? We can be down there by 8:30, with an early start.  Hell, I was the first one at your garage for the November ride a few years ago, and that was with frost on everything.  Dan


  6. Add two for EOM. Northerners coming!


  7. Do you still make the tail cones for the exhaust? I loved those things and was going through a file yesterday and found your informational page from when I bought them for my 2006 FJR. I sold it a few years back and failed to remove them. 

    1. garauld


      Sorry, I stopped making them a couple years ago.

    2. Low Level FJR Pilot

      Low Level FJR Pilot

      Thanks. Just wondering. I will probably be putting aftermarket exhaust on anyway. Glad to see you're still around.

  8. stpeil

    can you send a picture of the gear?

  9. Hi,

    I'm looking for a gen 3 shock for my 2006 and saw a post where you might have one. If so can you let me know if its for sale and what its worth and how many miles on it? I'm in Prince Edward Island Canada. Postal code is C0A 1Y0 to calculate shipping.




  10. Not following: 404 error?

    1. allrider


      was this bc the link wouldn't work to the craigslist ad?

  11. You're welcome!  I replaced all 9 with stock bulbs in my 2005 because after 100K, one was having a connection issue, and the others were getting dim.

    I'm hoping my 2016 can get the stock instrument cluster LEDs replaced with red through bluegauges.com...

    1. JimLor


      Funny thing, I noticed that 4 of my windscreen plastic screw heads had broken off - no idea how or when.  So i replaced them with aluminum screws. Now the windscreen doesn't retract when i turn the key off - BUT, the hi beam indicator works - as long as the engine is running.  Weird things happen. Another one, left work one day and turned the key - nothing at all happened, nothing.  Flat bed the bike home and left the next day for a week long vacation.  Came back, turned the key and it started fine.  Never any problems since then (2009).

  12. Hey Doug -


    Long time No? I see you're still here. Hey, I'm going to head up to Grass Valley later this week, probably Friday or Saturday to trade my '04 Mini Cooper for an '07 Suzuki V Strom 1000. I had an '02 V Strom and sold it and have kicked myself ever since. Are you going to be around? Might need a road and or weather report?

    Here's my cell number = (805) 704 4425

    George Jercich aka Khunajawdge

  13. Used to do a lonnnnnnnnng rides about 12000 miles a year mostly on my Goldwing but since the Covid I just have 5000 miles on my 2018 FJR A. Being retired I have a lot of time for riding but right now I am going to wait to see what going on with the virus.

  14. This won't help you, but I have an '05 and have the original bulbs still going strong.  Tried some Sylvania Bright something or other but they died within 3 months!  Doesn't seem "normal" to me that bulbs burn out so quickly.

    1. Papa54


      It's the shaking that causes them to go bad. I bought a set of heavy duty H4 headlight bulbs, off of Amazon. That fixed it.  They were about $30.00

  15. It's been a while it looks like, but have you gotten rid of all your 2006 FJR parts for sale?

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