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  2. roger dodger cannot receive messages. 


    tried to send a message asking for flash feedback

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  4. Hey Robert,

    Saw in your for sale add that you're relocating to CO?  Can I ask where?  We're looking to do the same in the next 18-24 months.  I spent a week exploring some of the area between Denver and Colorado Springs in early July.  Looked at homes in the Monument area.  Next spring we're going to look at the area south/west of Denver, the Conifer/Evergreen areas.  I've been in the Bay Area for 41 years and retire in Jan ... it's time to beat feet from CA.

    Good luck on the bike sale,


    Gary Meyers

    San Jose, CA


    1. rucrispy


      We don’t really have that kinda time to look around wish we did. My better half got a job in Boulder so we’ll be moving near by. I’m pretty far off from retirement, one day. Good luck house hunting. Hopefully I’ll pick up a new bike in the near future, but for now it’s just not in the cards. 

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  6. I Phil, Roger (wabill) here. Wondering why us two fjr pilots haven't met.  I'm retired and can get together for a coffee most of the time.

  7. Loving the FJR!

  8. posting pictures

  9. edit 2nd FJR year

  10. selling my fjr

  11. control panel

  12. control panel

  13. Back in the saddle of an FJR. This time it is the 2019 ES.

  14. Front fork compression valve

  15. Tablet-based GPS solution

  16. Stock front tire size for the FJR is 120/70. What would change by going to a lower profile 120/60?

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