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  4. The Bike is SOLD.  Best to you all!  Thanks, Mark

  5. Just joined and attended my first breakfast meeting of the BMWRSM.  All due to your suggestion, a longggg time ago.

    1. Polarize


      Good deal, tried to get to one of the meetings this summer but never made it. Good friend of mine has been going for awhile - Patrick Zrioka, he rides a Yamaha Super Tenere. Down in Florida for the winter but will be back at Little Sebago Lake in June.


  6. Got to the address about 8:30.  Rode up and down CR 51 for an hour. Still no signs of FJR life. I guess I was there too early.   Took off toward Wilsonville.  See you next year.

  7. Hi All!

    It's been about three years of gleaning info from this site and I just realized that I've never said hello.

    So... Hello!  

    1. dcarver


      So Hello Back!

  8. Hey DCarver, how did you find out the dimensions of the piston in the slave cylinder? I wonder if there is a slave cylinder that would fit on our FJR's with even LESS pull {larger piston} than the Gen. 1 Cylinder. Do you know when they made the piston larger again? 08? 09? Thanks, Phil

    1. dcarver


      HiYa Phil,

      I had both slave cylinders on the bench so simply used a dial caliper to make piston measurements.

      Not sure if going to larger piston diameter is a good idea, what with limited throw e.g. lack of disengagement and first gear clunk-age. ?

      Did a parts search, looks like 2009 they went back to the larger piston.



  9. roger dodger cannot receive messages. 


    tried to send a message asking for flash feedback

  10. Hey Robert,

    Saw in your for sale add that you're relocating to CO?  Can I ask where?  We're looking to do the same in the next 18-24 months.  I spent a week exploring some of the area between Denver and Colorado Springs in early July.  Looked at homes in the Monument area.  Next spring we're going to look at the area south/west of Denver, the Conifer/Evergreen areas.  I've been in the Bay Area for 41 years and retire in Jan ... it's time to beat feet from CA.

    Good luck on the bike sale,


    Gary Meyers

    San Jose, CA


    1. rucrispy


      We don’t really have that kinda time to look around wish we did. My better half got a job in Boulder so we’ll be moving near by. I’m pretty far off from retirement, one day. Good luck house hunting. Hopefully I’ll pick up a new bike in the near future, but for now it’s just not in the cards. 

  11. I Phil, Roger (wabill) here. Wondering why us two fjr pilots haven't met.  I'm retired and can get together for a coffee most of the time.

  12. Loving the FJR!

  13. posting pictures

  14. edit 2nd FJR year

  15. selling my fjr

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