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This forum is to discuss the Yamaha FJR1300 and the issues surrounding the FJR1300 community. You may liken this forum to your favorite corner tavern, where you can have a beer with your virtual buds, and discuss motorcycles in general, and the FJR in particular. Here are the few rules:

1. No porn or obvious "Not Work Safe" (NWS) material (though links to it are okay, if labeled NWS).

2. No religious/moral philosophy/political crap. There are countless forums/blogs on the web if you want to delve into these divisive topics. This is a motorcycle forum. That said, political discussions SPECIFICALLY about pending motorcycle legislation, regulation, and laws are allowable.

3. No politically-correct fucktards.

4. No ass-clowns in general.

5. No personal attacks. However, when some asshat desperately needs it for violating Rules 1-4, group dog-piles are perfectly acceptable.

6. Those who are easily offended should proceed with caution. Posts in this forum may or may not contain adult language/themes. No whiney-gash crying about them allowed. Deal with it.

7. Always remember that you are a GUEST in our virtual house. The Staff are your hosts. When you are a guest in someone''s house, don't piss off the hosts. If you do, you'll find your dumb ass on the sidelines, participating in a "read-only" mode for a period of time. Repeat offenders fall under Rule #4, and will be booted permanently. If you try to re-register under another name for any reason, you are definitely toast.

8. Avatars should represent you in the FJR world and will be business safe. Signatures should be used in a way that does not overwhelm postings. For more detailed information about avatar and signature line acceptability consult this link

9. FJRForum.com is aware of only one legitimate online source for copyrighted service manuals--that being Yamaha at this link . Promoting piracy or referencing spurious manuals or sources is not allowed. We've worked long and hard on this forum to as FJR owners and won't stick our finger in Yamaha's eye by ripping off manuals. And if a dealer offers to sell you an electronic copy....they're breaking the law too and irritating Yamaha corporate.

10. Off topic posts and thread hijacking in any area except Jokes & Fun Stuff, Completely Off Topic, or NEPRT are inappropriate. Admins reserve the right to move or remove them as needed. Posting in the other areas must still adhere to previous guidelines.


These Guidelines may be periodically updated as needed. In addition to the guidelines there are Forum Terms and Rules that you agreed to when you signed up and are periodically updated. You must abide by the Guidelines and Terms and Rules.

Refer to them periodically to determine if you can still handle the load.

Last Updated: 14 JUNE 2021

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