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  1. Allen_C

    2006 FJR AE $2,000.00

    It might help to let people know where you are located! Even as a Fly and Ride this is tempting. My first FJR, a 2008, was an AE model and I really liked it
  2. Allen_C

    FJR Common Torque Values and Wrench Sizes

    Is there a reason why the most recent graphic indicates 2016+ instead of 2013+? Just curious since the specs I see appear to match what my 2014 requires.
  3. Allen_C

    CFO 2019 Registration is Open

    Looks like someone already pm'd me in the other sandbox before your post Kevin. Looks like I'm in for this event and will be rooming with Gene
  4. Allen_C

    CFO 2019 Registration is Open

    Are you sure the snow will finally end in your area before then and you will actually be able to attend? <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Abercrombie FJR" data-cid="1418282" data-time="1558350677"><p> <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Allen_C"...
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    CFO 2019 Registration is Open

    If like to attend but missed the room deadline. Does anyone have a room with an extra bed to share?
  6. Allen_C

    CFO 2019 Registration is Open

    This sounds like fun. I think I can attend this weekend. Is there a room sharing thread also?
  7. Allen_C

    Tech Day XVIII

    I plan to attend and change my rear tire! I will bring the new tire with me so I have good tread for the flat boring roads at SEOR.
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    Which helmets fit saddle bags

    It also depends on the size of the helmet. The largest shell for each model helmet may not fit, especially with
  9. Allen_C

    2018 EOM room share thread

    Room found! That was fast. I need a roommate now since my SO now cannot attend. If you have a room with a bed available or want to split a new room, let me know!
  10. Allen_C

    Rambone and 2 Backrests for Sale

    It mounts on the 2 screws for the top of the gas tank near the steering head.
  11. Allen_C

    Gen 3 mirror mount/stay broken

    Thanks for all the ideas. I'm waiting for my local dealer to give me two estimates, one for them doing all the work and obtaining parts and a second for me providing the stay and upper fairing but them doing the labor. The fairing had a piece about 9" long and 6" wide missing, so it's not just...
  12. Allen_C

    Gen 3 mirror mount/stay broken

    Mcatrophy, I'll look at your info and see if it is doable. Thanks! John,I need to replace the upper fairing anyway since I piece broke off and it's unable to be used again!
  13. Allen_C

    Gen 3 mirror mount/stay broken

    I've heard you provide this service but I need some assistance in removing the plastics to get the stay off to ship to you. If I can do this, how long will it take you to weld and return?
  14. Allen_C

    Gen 3 mirror mount/stay broken

    I had a low side accident Sunday and my mirror stay and upper fairing broke. I'm thinking I could replace both myself but need some help! Has anyone here replaced the stay and removed/reinstalled the front plastics on a Gen 3? I need to get this done within 5 weeks to attend EOM. I'm hoping to...