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    Gps Recomendations

    the standard is the Zumo XT now. You can find good used Zumo 595 also.
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    Chasing the PanMan

    Great video DC
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    Cars, hurricanes, insurance, and replacements.

    for that future HDMI cable you could get a piece of 1-1/2“ pvc and scrap it to the stud next to your cable boxes to use as a chase. Then install the low voltage outlet boxes with no backs. It will make easy work of fishing the cable from one box to another. If 1-1/2” is too big, just make sure...
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    Tires and Suspension

    There is a thread going on about the Michelin PR6 and comments about tire cupping. I wanted to start this thread to bring a different prospective about tire wear and suspension. Here is a video by Max McAllister of Traxxion Dynamics talking about tire pressures. I will state that I was very...
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    Michelin Road 6GT

    more details here
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    RIP Earl Hayden

    Great man and family. RIP
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    New to Me KTM

    Need one of these for your Kickstand
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    New home away from home

    Nice. You might try a condor wheel chock. They have removable floor mounts for trailers. It will make loading and unloading a lot easier.
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    Hello from Central oregon

    Welcome to the forum Sherlie (hope I spelled your name right)
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    Hello from NW Washington State USA

    Welcome from Auburn, WA. keep an eye out on the PNW page there several active riders in the area.
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    Love My 06 FJR in WA

    Welcome form Auburn. There are a lot of people here in the PNW who ride and are pretty active on here and forum. There is a Canadian get together this summer that many will go to in Nakusp BC.
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    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    RIP Ray. Will be missed. Great man with a great heart. Enjoy the long rides with Patti.
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    Good Morning and New Software!

    might be worth going back to some of my old posts and see if I can upload the pictures instead of letting them link to the photo host sites.
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    How - To post, upload images, videos and other tips

    I'll echo the same thing. The mini-tutorials are very helpful. Might be worth pinning them in the sub-forum so they are easy for users to find.