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    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    There is plenty of room to park your RV in front of the hotel.
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    I forked myself.

    there are several threads on here that show you what tools you need to do a fork rebuild and how to make them. You need a 26mm socket and piece of 1/2" tube to make the socket to hold the cartridge from spinning.
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    Other Drive Shaft Sport Tourers?

    Especially if you do the full "Mega Monty" Traxxion suspension system on it.
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    I forked myself.

    Panman has seen one we had during a tech meet that had a similar problem to yours.
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    I forked myself.

    I would call KFG directly and talk to Barry. Pretty sure he can fix you up. Heat the area around the middle bushing with a MAP gas torch (puts a lot of heat in a short period of time - won't damage your forks - but it will get HOT fast). I usually give it a good 15-20 seconds. Keep the torch...
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    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

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    Blue Angels again!!!!! Penscola Beach summer show!

    Great picks. They will be up in Seattle for SeaFair end of July.
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    Inaugural LDX RALLY (Butt Lite Replacement)

    Same here, glad you were able to continue to Nakusp even though it wasn't your preferred mode of transportation. (or maybe was given the rain many experienced)
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    Inaugural LDX RALLY (Butt Lite Replacement)

    For those that don't know, we bought Patti and Rays Goldwing back in January. We got it set up for LD rally riding and rode it in this rally. We had a mechanical failure in the final drive. The seals started leaking on day 5 of the rally. I'll do a postmortem on the final drive once the...
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    KrZy8, 250,000 miles later

    How did the CBA president manage to ride that many miles??? Seriously, congrats on a major milestone for a bike that almost didn't survive the deer strike.
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    Inaugural LDX RALLY (Butt Lite Replacement)

    The inaugural LDX rally will take place June 25ht through July 2nd. It starts and ends in Cheyenne, WY with a checkpoint June 28th in State College, PA. I don't know how many who are on this forum are participating. The top ten finishers get no-draw entries into the Iron Butt Rally next year...
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    Changing 2006 Gen 2 Fork-Oil

    Also, search around here on the forum there are a few threads with info on how to obtain or build your own special tools need to do a complete fork service.
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    Changing 2006 Gen 2 Fork-Oil

    at 46,000 miles, your bushings are shot too. You should rebuild the forks and replace the bushings and seals. The Maxima oil recommend above is really good.
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    Tire changing.

    Nice work. Where did you get the red "foot" from? Can you give some close-up photos of that?
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    Phone mount

    Quad Lock and they have a vibration damper for their system