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    I forked myself.

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    Parts Wanted Wanted

    Yep. Zerk's are your friends.
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    2022 knocked over

    Toss the stock mirrors and buy some FZ mirrors.. and see what's behind you, not your elbows.. :)
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    Blue Angels again!!!!! Penscola Beach summer show!

    Awesome pics! and glad you're ok too..
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    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Well, if there is a next time, next time.
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    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    TPS resistance.. I seem to remember IonBeam stating that nominal resistance wasn't important... as I had a brand new TPS that wasn't 'in spec'... Rather, what's important is the 'span' or 'range' of resistance from 0 to 100% throttle setting. The ECU cares only about the 'span' and not the...
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    KrZy8, 250,000 miles later

    Panman, tx for pic!
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    My worst ride to date

    Harper, Harper, Harper! What to say other than glad you're ok. As I understand it, similar thing happened to Tyler, but RHS, alongside big truck, making a right hand turn. Glad all you got is bruised. Live and Learn mi amigo?
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    KrZy8, 250,000 miles later

    2022-06-18 KrZy8 Rolls 250k Miles to Ojai What a long strange ride it's been... Bought this 2006 FJR from PowerHouse in Paso Robles, CA, now out of biz. She is named KrZy8 because the number 8 on the plate is upside down! Some of the places this ol' gurl has taken me... 2006-11-08 WFO5...
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    WTB 2013 FJR Touratech luggage rack or similar

    I have a factory top case professionally painted to 2013 color... and don't use it... interested PM me?
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    BikeBandit a FRAUD?

    I've used BB often in the past.. Now it appears to be shutdown, chapter 7, still taking orders never to be filled?
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    165 mile day ride on the 1981 Honda CBX

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    dcarver is a 'Distinguished Gentleman' ?????

    Yep! I'm gonna be a 'distinguished' gentleman this Sunday. Riding the 81 Honda CBX from Creston to San Luis Obispo, CA to raise money for men's health. Hey, brothers and sisters, if you could spare a dime?
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    Fixing 41 year old Honda CBX mirrors....

    Yeah, I know. Who cares? Well, I do! Spent 20+ hours fixing this CBX mirror issue. No relevance to an FJR at all... But if you are into just 'fixing' stuff.. Don