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    Motorcycle For Sale 2005 FJR1300 ABS 35k miles with Hannigan Sidecar For sale

    This reminds me of the response my married friend gave to a hooker at a Las Vegas casino: "Oh I want to.....but I probably shouldn't"
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    2022 knocked over

    Harley side stands are the best. I've seen a guy park on a sandy beach and just walk away. It's hard to believe somebody knocked it over from the right side. It would take a heck of a hit to knock it over the kickstand. Knock it forward, sure that's easy.
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    100 lbs above GVWR

    First, the Goldwing doesn't have much more carrying capacity than the FJR. As a large man myself, I've been looking at Goldwings for many years for added comfort in 2 up riding. I've always been surprised how close to the carrying capacity the Goldwing was to the FJR. Not a significant...
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    Synergy heated jacket and more

    Now that just doesn't make sense......
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    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    Congrats on your new seat. I waited 11 years before finally buying a used Russell and kick myself for not doing it earlier. Great buy. Don.
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    Riding to Kentucky

    That's one of the things I love about Kentucky. The people. Very friendly, although they do seem to move at a slow pace.
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    Bike keyed at work!

    I vote accidental. Someone doing that on purpose just takes a key and slides it from back to front as they walk by in one long line quickly so they don't get caught. When I was younger and lived in a cheap apartment complex the cars would get keyed every weekend like that. People just being mean.
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    Riding to Kentucky

    From Livingston to McKee is a lot of fun and very, very, little traffic. From McKee continue up on 89 or take the road that runs parallel off to the East (587/1209) that goes through Arvel. I love that area. Roads seem to be in good shape and very pretty area with a lot of curves.
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    New 2018 FJR1300A $10999

    Add on's are fine as long as you're comparing out the door to out the door and they are up front about them. That is a killer OTD price. Congrats!!!
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    The Hog Phenomenon

    The bottle is too full.
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    The Hog Phenomenon

    Ha! Yeah I got that one a lot from a friend of mine on his CVO Harley. Always trying to get me on a Harley...a real bike. He had so many problems with it he finally sold it and bought the Indian Roadmaster. Now when I see him I always ask him "when are you going to get a real bike?". He...
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    The Hog Phenomenon

    Listen, I love my FJR. On my 3rd one. But Harley sales, while up and down, still crush the competition. People love them. I'm not sold on the new Livewire platform, and I don't want a Harley myself, but the people I meet on a Harley seem to be very happy with their choice. (I do like that...
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    The Hog Phenomenon

    Blah, Blah, Blah. Somebody chooses a motorcycle that is not like mine so they are doing it wrong. Blah.
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    I've used Amsoil motorcycle oil for years and years, but yes, it is pricey. Last year I switched to Mobil 1 motorcycle oil 10w40. Both synthetic, but Mobil 1 goes on sale and is easier to find at auto part stores. I'm sure the cheaper oils are fine too but I sleep and vacation better and...
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    LOW mile '14 ES - Not mine, but cheap. $7k

    Something definitely fishy about those miles, ES, year, at that price.