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    Last ride of 2021

    Haven't been riding much since Covid and my 06 FJR had 99820km on it so New Years Eve decided that she should go into 2022 with a milestone recorded on the odo. After a 2 hour ride at around freezing temps, here's my result. She's now at 100011 and ready for a bath and a few months rest. Best...
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    Tail of the Dragon

    Can't argue with any of this. Great bike, great road. especially when its not full of Miata's, Vette's, HD's etc etc. and its only 3 days ride from here! Yikes
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    2006 Mine since 2011

    Old Picture but thought I'd throw in an Action shot. Bought this in 2011 with 30k km and now almost at 100k km, not many farkles ; Corbin seats, 1" bar risers, mirrors, oxford heated grips and larger Yamaha windscreen. Also this year added a Gen 3 rear shock and 1.1kg front springs. this...
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    I have a 2006 which developed a rattling noise on the lower right side in 2015 with about 45000miles on it. I put a new CCT on that winter 2015-16 and it had the green dot. While playing with both i found the original (no painted dot) had a lot less spring force than the new one. Noise is gone...
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    Dash piece gone missing

    Partzilla list it for $97ish. Still hurts though!
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    2006 suspension refresh on a budget (with a twist!!)

    My Strom is used, a 2006 with 50,000km, I put around 7k on it since I got it. It was a bit of a basket case but I thought with the low miles I would be OK. I had to some repair to the FI and had the clutch basket rebuilt in Texas due to what V-Stromers call chudder. Tires were new, chain was...
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    2006 suspension refresh on a budget (with a twist!!)

    Hey Ross, When I was putting in the 15w I was thinking that it might be too heavy but it worked great with the stock springs so I gave it a try. The 5w is much improved though. Got my MVI done yesterday and ready to go if/when the travel restrictions get eased up.  I bought a DL1000 V-Strom 2...
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    2006 suspension refresh on a budget (with a twist!!)

    So, replaced the 15w fork oil with 5W and it had the desired effect. Front suspension responds well to bumps in the road without the harshness i had with the 15w fork oil. New springs have firmed up the front and brake dive is much reduced.  So my budget suspension overhaul so far is a success...
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    2006 suspension refresh on a budget (with a twist!!)

    So , Put on the Gen 3 shock, replaced a couple of bearings and seals on the relay arm, replaced the front springs with Sonics and made up a new spacer to give approx 3/4" preload. Put a Roadsmart 3 190 55 17 on back. Happy so far but I was using 15 weight oil in the forks to compensate for the...
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    2006 suspension refresh on a budget (with a twist!!)

    There's been a lot of posts lately on relay arm maintenance and I'd thought I'd add this. I have a 2006 A model with approx 100,000km. I bought it in April 2012 with approx 30k or 18,000 miles on it. I have lubed the accessable bearings on the relay arm at around 35,000km. Last year I noticed...
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    Solved - RaceTech fork spring 'guides'

    Decided to go with Sonic Springs 1.1 kg/cm based on weight. No mention of special guides needed. Looking to refresh the suspension on my 100,000Km 2006 Fjr1300A. Easiest fork springs to buy in Canada seem to be the Race Tech's. On their website they recommend the "RaceTech Guide Kit" for the...
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    Gen 3 rear shock Wanted- Found 1

    A member here had a lightly used 3rd gen shock and its on its way to me. Looking forward to getting the FJR back on the road, new rear  Roadsmart3 going on too.  Yahoo! 
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    Gen 3 rear shock Wanted- Found 1

     I'm looking for a gen 3 shock for my 2006 and wondering if someone has a newish takeoff they might part with. I know the pros and cons of aftermarket vs stock but prefer to stay within a reasonable cost and with covid the options of travelling far are limited for the foreseeable future. I'm...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a gen 3 shock for my 2006 and saw a post where you might have one. If so...

    Hi, I'm looking for a gen 3 shock for my 2006 and saw a post where you might have one. If so can you let me know if its for sale and what its worth and how many miles on it? I'm in Prince Edward Island Canada. Postal code is C0A 1Y0 to calculate shipping. Regards Rick 
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    Losing a side case. Is this just an urban legend?

    Lost a bag on my 06 back in 2012-13ish. Was on a gravel road driving spiritedly and seen the bag tumbling behind me. Picked it out of the ditch and was on my way. The other bag was out of the rear upper holder. Checked them after and both latches were normal no jumped teeth and the lock screws...