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    New from FL

    Welcome! I have the same year, love the silver color. At 54,000 miles it has been a very reliable and fun ride. Hope its the same for you
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    JAFO from DFW, Texas

    Welcome from San Antonio be safe
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    Need Denver Shop to replace my Fork Seals

    My seals started leaking at 52k miles and couldn’t be helped with sealmate. I was surprised the fork tubes came apart rather easily as I was expecting more issues there. Hopefully you have a good experience if you decide to do it yourself. Have all tools at hand beforehand. The copper washers at...
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    Need Denver Shop to replace my Fork Seals

    I tried to take mine to a yamaha dealer and got the run around. Ended up doing it myself and found it was not that hard to do. Got it done right and saved $
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    Spain, 2022

    That’s a super nice set of memories there. I’ve always wanted to ride in Spain after visiting there in the late 1980s but covid complicated my plans when I had just retired. Hell of an adventure!
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    Michelin Road 6 GTs For Sale New

    If previous inquiries don’t pan out I’m interested
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    Its always painful to hear these news and makes me think life can’t be taken for granted. RIP Jason
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    Welcome from Texas and congrats on the bike!
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    New owner; just picked up my 2022 FJR

    Welcome from Texas be safe!
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    Howdy, From Austin, TX. Y'all.

    Howdy from San Antonio. You’ll also need to change coolant. I was just riding past Hays city the other day,
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    Howdy From College Station Tx

    Welcome from San Antonio! Its gonna get hot and humid soon enjoy the bike
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    Seeking advice on first FJR

    Forgot link:
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    Seeking advice on first FJR

    Here there’s a new 2018 police model, you dont get to see this one often
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    Hi folks

    Welcome from Texas, enjoy!