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    Busy place i see.........

    Go back to sleep Lanny.   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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    Yosemite FJR Owners (YFO) Gathering - Sept. 2-5, 2021

    Hmmm. I have to see when the Reno Air races is...
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    Duchess rides to Chloride!

    Mark; You captured some nice stuff on your outing. Funny, I've noticed Duchess seems to have way more fun than you do on this excursions. I mean I don't see you rolling in the dirt on your back...   :bye: Enjoyed it.
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    Busy place i see.........

    When do we get together for stogies?
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    NAFO 2021

    Help me out guys, I'm old and slow, cerebrally. So the other sandbox is off line but there is a tentative date of August-ish in Co. Do I have that right?
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    2016 -2020 Tranny recall but no CCT recall form past?

    Granted I'm not on the forum much anymore but I don't recall any issues with blown transmissions on the 2016 -2020 models. Years back we had a plethora of bad CCTs on GenI bikes and Yamaha went crickets on us. Many of us changed the faulty CCT's and some even lost their motors over it. They did...
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    Sunday ride, not to Costco

    Thank you.
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    Any time.
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    Awesome ride Buggie! We had a grand ole time! Next time...
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    Sunday ride, not to Costco

    Sorry I missed it. But great fun was had by all at the Costco gas station! Right Buggie?
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    Going to the gas station at Costco. Who wants to go? 
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    Panamint Springs Resort going under?

    I've been near there, Darwin Falls. AWESOME!
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    What is wrong with you people?

    Hey B I'll take that advice and be praying for your prostate. Wait... that sounds weird. But it's you Barry, so that's okay. And yes I'll try some other panties. Can you loan me yours? Hugs and kisses! 
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    What is wrong with you people?

    Wednesday I rode another 50 or so miles to a friend's house. Pretty soon it'll be Iron Butt time! Not... We had some new Rocky Patel 1979 Cameroon's we had to try, they were pretty good!
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    COVID-19 Catch All

    With all do respect. Last I checked 3% of 100 is 3 (.03x100). And 3% of 40 (.03x40) is 1.2. 30% of 40 is 12. Did they change the math during lock down too?