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    CFR2023 location poll

    🤣🤣🤣 Guess you forgot what the ‘C’ in CFR is for, Eh? (“Eh” added for cultural emphasis. 😉)
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    CFR2023 location poll

    ‘A Long Way’ is where our FJRs shine! 😃
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    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Am looking forward to the post-Covid resurgence of FJR Rallies and seeing so many friendly faces again… but it looks like this one is out for me. ☹️ I am releasing my reservation in the Annex of the Lodge if anyone is looking to move over to the lodge or for an upgrade to their room. The room...
  4. FJRGuy

    My 2018 FJR Phantom Blue

    Interesting how experiences vary. Been to Newfoundland once. While no regrets about going, it was not a great riding experience for me and have no plans to ever go back. Much better riding in Quebec and Ontario in my opinion. But then again, I don’t ride the 10s of thousands of kilometres a year...
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    Good Morning and New Software!

    Nice upgrade (now that I’ve turned off Ads!) I’ve been away for way too long. Time to catch up… here and on the road.
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    How to disable ads when logged in.

    Thanks Angie, the Ads are really large and annoying on a phone. Glad we are able to turn them off.
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    NAFO 2021

    Room booked and calendar penciled in.  Thanks to the AZ government, I’ll be all vaccinated up by the end of the month.  Hoping the land borders get opened up by then. You’d think they’d open it to motorcycles regardless. Full face shields, way more than 2m separation, always avoid congested...
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    Opportunity for Canadian buyers looking to import a bike from the US.

    No takers, eh?  Well Jill not so keen on riding so we bought an Acura MDX to drive back.  No melting for me. 😉
  9. FJRGuy

    Opportunity for Canadian buyers looking to import a bike from the US.

    If you are a Canadian like me, you like to have the option to buy bikes out of the US, but all these travel restrictions are making that a lot less attractive than it used to be. That will change, but if you want to buy a bike for this spring, I may have an opportunity for you... I am currently...
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    NAFO 2021

    Hmmmm... wonder if we’ll be able to cross the land border by then. Maybe I should buy a bike while I’m down here in AZ, store it in Montana and fly home from there. 🤔
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    Gen 2 Fork Disassembly - Advice required

    Thanks Bryan, exactly what I was thinking, but afraid of. 🙁 I will have to make one of those for future use, but no time for my immediate need. I’ll just send the whole fork (less the spring, cap and misc internals to reduce size and shipping cost) to her and let her ‘tech’ pull it out. I...
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    Gen 2 Fork Disassembly - Advice required

    Pulled a fork off of my ‘Parts’ FJR to send the inner cylinder to MEM so she can have her fork repaired. Thought I cracked the torque on the lower bolt before starting to disassemble, but now it just spins the internals as I try and remove it. I had turned off the cap and drained the oil so...
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    Fork Seals - AK20 forks

    Good timing on this as I will probably do seals on my Traxxion AK-20 forks this wrenching season as well. 👍🏼
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    CFR 2018 - WooHoo! Registration is going LIVE November 1st!

    We are all so glad that it seems everyone enjoyed the Ramble. The work involved in putting it together does not seem like really much ‘effort’ when we get the response we did. It was our pleasure to host you all and hope to see you all again soon.
  15. FJRGuy

    CFR 2018 - WooHoo! Registration is going LIVE November 1st!

    A Wild Turkey family surprised me around a corner this summer. Wouldn't have taken me out, but I woulda felt real guilty about taking out a turkey chick.