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    Can I import a motorcycle from Canada?

    Hello fjrb0, There was a fellow from San Diego, Brian Galloway, who rode his FJR to Prudhoe Bay - and back home - in the summer of 2006. Check his blog here. He was on a Microsoft blurb-thingy being interviewed. For importing a motorcycle you might search on I read of a guy who...
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    Oh, Those Wacky Russians...

    The following link is NWS because of clothing-challenged advertising, but the m/c pics are worth it. Click here, comrade.
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    Timpkin bearings

    Hi jacko this may be more what you are looking for - this is from forum: tapered roller bearing upgrade cut and paste >>>>>>>> Here is the actual post:
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    Relay arm, anyone ever remove it?

    I was very reluctant to bend my exhaust out of the way - it just seemed too brutal. I loosened the offending bolts/nuts a few turns and then pulled out my reciprocating saw (looks like a big drill with a saw blade stickin' out the end) and sawed off the bolt heads. I replaced them with some SS...
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    FJR will not run.

    Judd, I am happy for you that your FJR is back in running condition. BUT........... If your 'ace' mechanic in fact
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    Can't Find Torque Specifications

    In Chapter 3 under Periodic Checks And Maintenance / Air Filter Case, page 3-8: 8 Nm or 5.8 ft-lbs. The sub-frame torques you show are the same as I found.
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    Santa Barbara

    I believe TwoWheelNut lives in Santa Barbara area. He is at WFO-6 in Utah right now. There are lots of others in SoCal - they may pop their heads up and announce their presence - or maybe not! :assassin:
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    03 Head & Valve Pics @ 37k miles

    OK, I'll bite...... Why did you take/have it taken apart? Tick repair.....or just curious? What does "plug in combustion chamber" mean? Exhaust ports for cylinders no. 2 (1 of them) and cyl 4 do look extra carbon-ish. Me thinks your "exhaust valves on left, intakes on right" is backwards.
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    Tire Life?

    On the original Metzler's that came with my 05 I was able to get 26,563......... km, that is. Thats 16,505 miles. SkooterG would be so proud of me! I know you're thinking I must be a real pansy rider, but I would call myself an average-to-moderately aggressive rider - definitely not a 'ride it...
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    Don't Anybody Tell......

    Pssssssssssst! It looks to me like the sidestand is gonna collapse and make bike fall-down-go-boom. :unsure: ...or maybe it will just flop to a 45 degree angle when it hits the floorboards ;) and no damage.
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    You think you're addicted?

    OK, I take back what I was thinking about you (dbvolfan hitting a dog with his car and you thinking he was a woman). :dribble: You really ARE Scab's wife! :yahoo:
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    Poor Dog, Poor Car

    Mrs Scab, you just aren't as sharp as your hubby! :glare: So why, oh why, do you think dbvolfan is a woman? :rolleyes:
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    PCIII Installed...Feels like a New Bike

    (light-hearted jab coming youur way) Jeez, man! Did ya even try the SEARCH tool? :glare: (I'm trying to earn some Iggy points) "+maps +pc3" netted the following result. All seriousness aside, maybe it's so smooth everywhere else that it's(vibey stuff) just more noticable now.
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    What Else Can I Do To My FJR?

    Sorry to hear of your mishap, TWN. Heal well and fast. ...and thanks for swallowing your pride by posting the mishap - it is a needed reminder for us. Len
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    Lost my "W" endorsement come it took you 11 months (maybe more?) to tell your story? :blink: