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    This is such a loss to everyone. I have been friends with Peter for 12 years, Since our first Hooterville MO ride in 2005. You will be GREATLY missed by myself, And so many others who have been blessed to know you, Petey. I know this is so cliche, But at least you went out doing what you loved...
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    Albuquerque to DC and Back

    Enjoy the ride AJ! Thanks for bringing us along!
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    Victory Is No More

    Still love my '12 Cross Country Tour. Miss my FJR though.
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    Paying tribute to Twowheelnut and Beemerdons

    Ahh, the memories! Thanks DC for the flashback to the good times! Tim, you are missed! :fuck: Don... JSNS!
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    Chandler AZ, 01-16-16, BeemerDon's Service

    If anyone is flying into Phoenix 12/31 and needs a ride, Let me know. I'll be able to pick them up.
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    Please post your photos/stories of Beemerdons here

    Many great memories of Don with these photos! Going to miss that burro fecker... JSNS
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    Death Valley - Feb. 12 thru Feb. 16

    Just called the Longstreet, They were unaware we are coming, So i said we are! When you call, Mention FJRFORUM. $79/night
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    Death Valley - Feb. 12 thru Feb. 16

    Wow... This brings back some great memories! :) I'll be there! But not on the FJR since i sold it.
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    People, Places and RUSH!

    You are my fellow Rush Rat! I was at the opener in Tulsa, And did the last four show. I just got home from LA and it's time for work! I had a date with fate in a black sedan, But the force field saved me! ;) Oh, And i know Kelly well!
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    2005 FJR For Sale

    I'll be there!
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    Back to FJR after Harley Street glide

    Good thing i bought a Victory! We are not assholes (As much)... haha
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    2005 FJR For Sale

    I know i am going to catch hell for this, But here goes! I recently bought a Victory Cross Country Tour, And love it. After 10 years of incredible adventures and friends made, This makes getting rid of the FJR REALLY fucking hard. Here is the link...
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    Official SW-FOG 2015 Announcement: 5/28-31, THU-SUN!

    Wow... AJ, That is typical of the independent HD shops here too. One place called Kellys in Kingman will not even look at you if you ride anything non american. Now i own an American made Victory, These same people who shunned me with the FJR welcome me into the fold. Fuck them. I am so glad...
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    SW FOG

    Great report!