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    FJR v Versys 1000

    Two of my closest riding buddies have Versys 1000 bikes. One of them went to the Versys from a Gen 2 FJR. I've ridden them quite a bit. My thoughts: 1. The Versys is a wonderful motorcycle. As you indicate, it's power is slightly less than the FJR, but MORE than adequate for anything you...
  2. hppants

    Riding tutorial on how not to get shot in Plano, TX

    That rider is indisputable proof that Charles Darwin was a genius. Be that as it may, and recognizing that (1) I was not in the driver seat of the mustang, and (2) there may be much more to that story than what I saw on the video, I don't see the justification for the driver to draw his weapon...
  3. hppants

    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    Good ride report - enjoyed the narrative. Given a choice (and sometimes I have none), if I must ride gravel on the FJR, I much prefer to do it uphill..
  4. hppants

    Le Mans 24 Pit Stop

    I'm specifically amazed at how fast they can replace the rear tire - dealing with the chain.
  5. hppants

    Wanted: Bike with character

    I'm glad you defined your version of "character". I think it syncs pretty well with my own, but I also recognize that not all character is created equal. That said (written), the modern bike I've ridden with the highest character (by my definition) would be the Ducati Multistrada. It was an...
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    GF wants bike -- help wanted

    @Geezer - did you just offer advice on a 17 year old thread?
  7. hppants

    It’s not you…it’s me.

    It's really and technically not you. It's those darn Bavarian Sirens. They lure you in with their perky boobies and long flowing hair. Once you are within their grasp, it's hard to let go. Don't feel bad, others with more will power than you have fallen to their spells. Enjoy the ride....
  8. hppants

    The Kindness of Strangers Towards White-haired Guys

    Enjoyed the read, and I'm glad that it all worked out, which it usually does. I'm no "stranger" to the kindness of strangers, and the motorcycle reinforces this for me from time to time. I don't subscribe to the "world is coming to an end" theory. I choose to believe that the world is a good...
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    Service recommendations for new to me FJR

    When you get to FJR Tips, pay close attention when they get into "lubricating your relay arm". That item is not too clearly identified in the Yamaha maintenance schedule, and it is a known issue if avoided.
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    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    Well.... first, they ARE fast. ANY motorcycle 500 cc and up is fast compared to most cars/trucks. Also, all riders (and people) equate noise with speed/power. If the motor is that loud, it MUST be fast. And Harley (cruiser) riders buy this myth hook, line, and sinker. A lot of FJR riders...
  11. hppants

    End of the road, Carbonado, WA

    One day I will ride the PNW. I'm counting on the O/P and his cohorts to show me the stuff, man.....
  12. hppants

    New Bike Choice

    Can you please provide a link to that Youtube video?
  13. hppants

    Motorcycle For Sale 2016 fjr1300A for sale 9m. miles excellent condition. $11,500 call for details.

    Is that "9 miles" "9 million miles" - How many miles are on this bike?
  14. hppants

    Cars, hurricanes, insurance, and replacements.

    It's kind of feeling like the end is closer than the beginning, and not a moment too soon. Minor observation - your old residential HVAC unit did not run on R-12. That is a non-flammable product that was used in automobiles before 1994-ish. Your unit likely ran on R-22, another freon that is...
  15. hppants

    Michelin Road 6GT

    ^^^ in the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, "Mule Fritters". I run 40 psi on the front tire RELIGIOUSLY and PARANOIDLY. My fork oil has been changed at 30K intervals and the sag (preload) is set right. I run the PR4GT and after about 4k, the front cups, mostly on the right side. The...