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    Extremely low MPG

    It depends. As I said before, how many gallons did you actually use to go those 220 miles? To get 30 mpg and 220 miles you'd need to put in 7.3 gallons and that wouldn't be possible as the tank only hold 6.6 gallons. If, for example, you put in 6.0 gallons as a far more common scenario for...
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    Extremely low MPG

    Something doesn't add up here. But I can't tell if it's your funky and suspect way of sorta estimating mileage, doing gymkhana stuff in town, or actual issue with the bike. First, don't obsess on fuel indicator segments. Once you have a full tank of fuel how many miles do you travel on that...
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    Exhaust and Seat Swap

    Same as this thread less than a week ago.
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    2004 Fjr1300 For Sale $5500 ono

    Wrong area to advertise., one post by person registering today, doesn't include details including where bike is. Be skeptical... The Management
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    Will 07 accessories fit a 2013 model?

    No. The '07 and earlier have a pressed on special ring. The '08 and later use a fastened on ring and have drilled bosses the earlier don't have.
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    Will 07 accessories fit a 2013 model?

    Seat for sure. I put this in the compatibility matrix. Rear shock also and likely forks (although I'm a Gen 3 ES guy these days). Generally speaking it's the nose that's different between Gen 2 and 3 (and injection system) and the same frame, middle, and rear. So, attachment points on the...
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    Parts For Sale Parts for sale

    And you might must start it in the Wanted section instead of For Sale section.
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    I'd be skeptical of an off-brand on eBay like that...especially expecting they should be a source to determine fitment. If you really want to know, go to a genuine Yamaha parts website and look at the fiche for the specific part numbers of the AE and compare with non AEs. That said, I don't...
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    Try clicking on it. The first screen looks something like below. It's part of the optional commercial nature of the forum now. Your results and personal purchase choices may vary. ;)
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    Car tire

    Use this thread exclusively for this please. Thanks.
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    Question on FJR "Model Code", What does the ER (or CR) represent in FJR13ESER?

    I've kept track of the models over the years and seen the last two letter a few times and *think* they may be years and/or certain markets, but not sure. Regardless, there are only two models that year and it's the FJR1300 ES model vs. a standard ABS. As it's a 2016, we call them Gen IV bikes...
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    Gen 3 or 4?

    Yes. They are all good.
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    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    2002 as the 2003 model. Europe had it one year earlier. Although we in North America got it an extra year on the back side...and maybe two years if they continue into 2023.
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    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    Start by (re)reading the article. Very first sentence: Worldwide emissions regulations have forced many motorcycle manufacturers to discontinue models in recent years. And no, they haven't really made an improvements to it since 2016. That was the last significant product change. And since...
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    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    The future, as in when the last year the FJR will be available in North America, was a topic of conversation at least several times in CFR last weekend. And the most plausible scenario I heard by a smart feller . He opined that part supplies of bikes available and/or parts made would probably...