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    2022 CFR Nakusp

    I'm Booked.
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    429/450 Miles, 3 1/2 passes, lots of canyons, awesome weather and no performance awards.

    looked like fun. Looking forward to some of those sideroads.
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    Uncle Dutch - Break In Ride

    Nice looking beemer.
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    PNW Spring Tech Meet #18 - May 13th

    +2 on headcount jimiejimie
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    Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail

    Dave, thanks for providing updates on my trip! I had a great time. First learned of the route through a friend who rode it on an enduro Figured I'd ride it on a bicycle. Did see a number of number of enduro riders doing it, both directions. Mostly 650's. Someday...
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    password change

    password change
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    Well, that didn't take old FJR has a new home!

    I'm to blame for that sale. Actually,I blame Dave and Leo, for their unrelenting "encouragement" You'll definitely be seeing again... Thanks