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    Parts For Sale Motorcycle Suit Tourmaster Flex 2 Jacket and Pant Women's size 10-12, $100

    Tourmaster Flex 2 All Weather Textile/Mesh Jacket and Matching Pant motorcyle suit, women's size 10-12 $100. (plus shipping) Pant and Jacket feature a sturdy, heavy duty mesh foundation which can be worn as is for great warm-weather protection and comfort. Jacket features interior and...
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    Michelin Pilot Road 2 (front tire) new

    That's not a pic of my tire and that's not my date code!
  3. Jon T

    Michelin Pilot Road 2 (front tire) new

    Where do I find that code (and what does it look like?)
  4. Jon T

    Russell Day Long quilted leather for Gen 1

    I'm 180 and just over 5' 9". I asked them to build up the passenger seat (try to get it higher) because my wife complained of her knees being too bent. It might be a bit taller than the Gen 1 OEM seat. The concave shape of the passenger seat makes it a good platform for a duffel bag too.
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    Michelin Pilot Road 2 (front tire) new

    Bought this tire as a spare, then sold the bike before I needed it. Brand new, never mounted. size: 120/70 ZR 17 fits front wheel of FJR. See pics on my craigs list post:
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    Russell Day Long quilted leather for Gen 1

    Recently sold my 2004 FJR. I used the Russell Day Long for weekend trips (which weren't often enough), but usually had a second OEM set of seats for my commutes. New in December 2007, these seats are lightly used. Probably not even fully broken in. I never figured out how to post pictures...
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    Broken Key in Ignition

    Short story shorter: my key broke off in the ignition. I was hoping the teeth might line up inside to allow me to use the remainder part of the key to turn the switch and make it work, but no joy. I have a spare key, but until I get the old piece out it appears as if I'm out of luck. A quick...
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    Anyone Know a good Goldwing Forum?

    Thanks to you both. I don't know when I'll pull the trigger. The FJR has been great and is really nice on my daily commute. I can't imagine the GW being as nimble in traffic or in the parking lot, so not in a huge hurry to move on, but want to do some lurking on some sites to get smart on the...
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    Anyone Know a good Goldwing Forum?

    I have enjoyed my FJR for 4 years. Rented a base Goldwing for the day. 200 miles later, the mrs was asking for more. I think I'm more into the touring part of sport touring and have my eye looking to move to that sphere. Would welcome any advice on where I can find similar support and info...
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    Riding with Dogs

    Whatever you do, make sure the damn thing stays put. A friend of mine is still recovering from the day he put his Yorkie in a basket on his bicycle and went for a ride. When the dog tried to jump out, he hit the brakes, the bike went down hard and he BROKE both elbows and tore a rotator cuff...
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    What's not to like?

    My last ride was an 84 V65 magna--in 1988. fast forward to 2007 when I bought a 2004 FJR. On this forum, you'll get a bunch of opinions that the FJR is the best bike ever, and if you're an aggressive rider who likes to log miles, maybe that's right. The bike is great for commuting. It...
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    First incident with a cager

    I observed last year that the florescent yellow safety color really increases visibility in rain and fog (thanks to my participation in last year's EOM and a lot of time spend on the Blue Ridge Pkwy). I went out and bought four "class 3" safety vests (3XL). I keep one in each car, have one for...
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    Helmet-to-Helmet intercoms - what are you using?

    I'll second this set up. If you have a blue tooth phone, it works great and the voice activated comms with the rider works well after a little getting used to (have to find the right tone/pitch to activate the mike). I don't ride with music or GPS in my ear, so this is nice. Even with the...
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    GPS Suction cup Mount

    I tried the suction mount on the gas tank. Hoped that since it was "resting" on the tank and not hanging from the windshield, it would make a difference. Nope. The first time I twisted the accelerator, the GPS was in my lap. In prep for our EOM meeting last september, and willing to...
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    Russell seat patterns

    A vote against the diamond pattern. I bought a russel seat a couple years ago during one our group buys. I bought leather, and picked the square/diamond pattern because I also had read that it is cooler. If I were to do it again, I'd go with the half moon. I doubt there's much of a...