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    A Warm Dec. Day at Willow Beach Az

    Saturday we rode to Willow Beach, about 8 miles down river from Hoover dam. Duchess had a great time play'n in the water on this spectacular mid 70's degree day!
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    Name That Place Game

    Salt River Canyon....
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    Veteran's Day Parade - Kingman 2021

    Nothing Like a Small town Parade......
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    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    Hard to believe coming into this Forum & not seeing FJRAY on the members online list. What an incredible Icon here. A great guy who will be missed by so many!!! I was fortunate to be able to ride to Reuben Run's 1 & 2 with my dogs Duke & Duchess, the most memorable trips of my life, thanks to...
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    Name That Place Game

    Since it's been a while. The Answer is: Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California. Anyone can jump in with the next one....
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    Name That Place Game

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    Name That Place Game

    nope, not White Sands N.M.
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    Name That Place Game

    A parking lot is at this spot...... 
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    Name That Place Game

    Hwy 191 (Devil's Hwy, used to be 666) Eastern Arizona.
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    Name That Place Game

    Here's a much nicer Route 66 Drive-thru sign we have here...
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    Lake Mohave Oct 2021

    Saturday was very nice weather, so we headed down to Lake Mohave. After lunch we had a great hike on the Fisherman's Trail, which led us to an awesome spot on the Lake. Duchess had a gas play'n in the water (cold but she didn't care!). And the Video....
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    YFO and Rueben Run 10 - Day 2 Lone Pine to VCS

    Stayed at that Motel with both my dogs coming & going to Ruben Runs 1 & 2, remember staying there after a stop in Yosemite after RR 2. Yosemite was closed due to Gov. shutdown, but I B.S.ed my way past 2 checkpoints & when I got down there, the fancy hotel guests were allowed to stay an extra...
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    Mustang Motorcycle Show

    This morning I rode my Sporty downtown to check out the Mustang Motorcycles (small bikes mfg between 1945-1965) having a national gathering & show. And the video....