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    proud new owner of an FJR :)

    I find the opposite. Under-inflation leads to having to continue to countersteer to hold the corner, over-inflation makes it drop into corners too easily. With correct inflation, its steering is neutral, holds the corner with no pressure on the bars.
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    FJR Mileage Milestones

    Hmm. 788570 Km = 489994.6810 miles. That's a nice round number :unsure: Pretty impressive, though :) . [Edit: Is there a decimal point before the last '0' in the picture? That would make it 48999.4681 miles.]
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    i made a fly screen

    NSrider is correct, originally made by Audiovox. The cruise control was later marketed by a company Murphs kits (, but they no longer advertise them. Took a little fitting to the FJR, definitely not plug and play. An alternative would be an Australian product, the...
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    Other Drive Shaft Sport Tourers?

    Friend had the 1250 GS. He says it's the first motorcycle he's had that makes him want to give up motorcycling. Activity looking to replace it. Would go back to the FJR if they were still available here (he's had two in the past).
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    i made a fly screen

    I can answer that. Cruise control switch panel.
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    2005 First gear question / no starter engagement fix

    What is the rpm when you get the "choppy" effect? Anything below perhaps 1200, it won't pull cleanly.
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    lock set

    Most likely just congealed muck. If you think your only option is to replace it, you can lose nothing by agressively cleaning it. Try squirting WD40 into the key entry hole, flood it, then insert the key in and out a few times (if muck stops it going in all the way, it won't turn), then wiggle...
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    What did you do to your FJR today?

    I never use the thumb for changing down, I just use my forefinger to flick the one part of the switch forwards or backwards. Hand remains perfectly on the grip.. Totally second nature after a few changes, and it's very rapid going between up- and down- changes; your hand doesn't move at all...
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    Spain, 2022

    Just to add a map showing the full route in Spain. (Click on the route thumbnail to open an interactive map) It's reduced in detail, so a bit jumpy at high magnification - it would be something over 200,000 datapoints before reduction, it's now about 20,000. Helps speed things up.
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    Spain, 2022

    Days 14 and 15 - Return Ferry and Home We arrive at the port in very good time. We book in and park the bikes in one of the queues, then find refreshments in the port cafe. After a while, the queues are sent, a few vehicles at a time, to the security/passport control booths where our passports...
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    Spain, 2022

    Day 12 - Ávila (Sierra de Gredos) to Viniegra de Abajo Today's ride takes us through more picturesque country. We stop at the Mirador de la Galiana. This overlooks a valley where vultures can be seen spiralling up in the thermals. (Click on any image a for larger view, click a route to open an...
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    Spain, 2022

    Day 11 - Jerez to Pozoblanco Today we turn north. Ri once again leading, his route avoids all large towns and uses minor roads, though little of the mountainous roads we've had earlier. But they are not straight and boring, mostly single carriageway winding through hills and valleys. We stop...
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    Spain, 2022

    Day 10 - A day in Jerez This is another non-motorcycling day. Ri has booked us in for two events. The first is for the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, apparently world-renowned for its horse training, the second is for a sherry tasting at the Sandeman distillery. They about a 15...
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    Spain, 2022

    Day 9 - Zahara de la Sierra to Jerez Today we head for Tarifa which is the most southerly tip of Europe. Once again Mi is leading us, Ri has driven off back to Jaén. So we go there via the usual wiggly roads (and a couple of wrong turns, but that's not a bad thing, there's plenty of time and...
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    Spain, 2022

    Day 8 - Granada to Zahara de la Sierra Having extricated ourselves from the hotel's (not very) secure parking area, we head off on what is one of the best motorcycling legs. Once again, Mi is leading with his paper instructions. The route takes us through very hilly, some would say...