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    Survey Says, "Busa, You Ugly!"

    Really like the Katana twin headlamps mid mounted. Impressive.
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    Survey Says, "Busa, You Ugly!"

    Looks like a Bourbon Street Hooker.
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    Howdy From College Station Tx

    Formly known as:
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    Howdy From College Station Tx

    Another tinted Cee Bailey screen.
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    New Bike Choice

    Don't forget about the Honda ST1800. You will never have to replace fork seals again.
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    Sorting exhaust slip-ons pros and cons

    Love my Staintunes. No rivets, no hose/rubber mounting clamps, never have to repack. Sounds great.
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    2007 Black Cherry

    Cee Bailey shield?
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    Goodbye 1993 Gold Wing GL1500A - Hello 2014 FJR1300A - Sweeeeeeet!

    If you want to make your 14 faster complete the red.
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    Tail of the Dragon

    More lean angle with the MC tire versus the car tire.
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    Red White & Blue FJR Parts Trade ... Merica !

    Get rid of those hideous silver side panels. :)
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    New to me ST or new FJR?

    I had two ST1300's and the current FJR at the same time. The FJR remains and the ST's are gone. Sold the two ST's and brought home a 18 Goldwing. Had one of the ST's outfitted with RaceTech suspension (highly suggested) and a McCruise. Did the bluegauges thing so I could read the display...
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    Bend R-Gaza Saddlebag Bars?

    Do you have a ratchet strap tie down? I would turn front wheel to whatever side is bent, runn the ratchet strap through the fron wheel, other end to bent guard, then tighten and see if that would pull it back toward straight. Or if you have a hotshot buddy with some big ratchet straps. Or use...
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    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    Just another reason to not be in a HOA.
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    Sport touring seat for a Honda Blackbird

    Another thought, search around for local guys who do upholstery work.  A little firmer foam and a cover is well within their wheelhouse sometimes.  That way you could have it done exactly the way you want it. Also:  Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Honda CBR 1100XX | 800-538-7035 Don't...
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    Sport touring seat for a Honda Blackbird

    Sargent.  Not sure if they still offer a seat for the Blackbird but they can take your stock pan and build it like you want.  Had them rework a Corbin seat on a BMW once for K100RS and it was probably the best seat I ever had.  Put close to 200, 000 miles on that seat.  They have a build sheet...