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  1. puppychow

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - June 15-18, 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    I am booked across at Harbor Lite. Edit.. Switched over to Super 8.
  2. puppychow

    New shoes on order

    Say what? 🤣🤣
  3. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    I don't. That's what I call women with Slavic looks and auburn hair..
  4. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    When you have it flaunt it.. If you are not careful, you might give Super Doug a new nick name..
  5. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    There you go. RR finished! Dougie you can add to it - as you see fit!
  6. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    Ended the day in Eureka, we found a bluff overlooking the ocean and decided to wait for the sunset there. Found a perfect spot to see the sun go down, even though it was already staked out by a good looking Russian doll who wouldn't step out of her car - afraid of us raggedy bikers. We weren't...
  7. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    Howl at the moon day! That lady wouldn't move out of the shot. It was cold, but quiet, eerily quiet on the coast, one of quietest days (even for a Saturday) to run up Hwy 1 from Fort Bragg - as most apparently were waiting for the day to warm up. We didn't really stop after the pictures...
  8. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    Before I continue, I should make a note here that in my original RR, I was being more irreverent here than I probably should, and maybe more than a little hard on my dear friend Dougie, but it was all in jest and more than exaggerated. To do a fair retraction of the exaggeration previously in...
  9. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    Here is Version 2 of the ride report. The previous one was a bit unbalanced in it's irreverence, so I removed it. Dougie and I talk a lot of shit on the comms when riding - 99% of which is unpublishable. I had reached out to Doug on Wednesday about a day ride over the weekend, the response was...
  10. puppychow

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    If they let me into that country again, maybe I should try to make it and fix the dismal record the past 2 years...
  11. puppychow

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    RIP Ray! Ride on in the skies! Sending love to your loved ones!
  12. puppychow

    NAFO 2021

    I am going you biatches! 
  13. puppychow

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Tyler" data-cid="1422735" data-time="1565213719"><p> Breakfast buffet will be served both mornings @ $14/person. You can also order directly off the menu if preferred. I will provide you with a ticket to present for the buffet. <br...
  14. puppychow

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    +1 Gunny. Is the Beef Grass fed, or Mad Cow brain fed? Is the Chicken cage-free, or chicken coop shit?
  15. puppychow

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    I am still in +1, but only for Saturday night.