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    Newbie From North Carolina

    What "rally"?
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    Parts Wanted Rear Brake Pedal

    I too have straightened mine without heat. 5 or 6 years later and no problems.
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    Sold For Sale: VStream N20309 Windshield for 2013+ $100

    Looked at the thread title? It's right there!
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    USB\Voltage gauge.

    That's a nice way to go if you don't use the cubby for anything else. Not me, I got a few things tucked away in there. I chose instead to run a Battery Tender cable directly from the battery to the handlebars for phone charging, air compressor and Deltran usb adapter and DC voltage monitor.
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    Oil filter

    Very large channel lock pliers always works and without the mess of punctures.
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    Newbie From North Carolina

    Just down the road in Asheboro. Welcome! We have a few around- Pinehurst, High Point. Plus some "others" who are fun to ride with.
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Of the 3 I tried- General G-Max AS-03, Michelin Exalto and Riken Raptor- I think the Raptor was the best all-round of the 3. I base that on my interstate, US Hwy, twisty and improved National Forest unpaved roads. The AS-03 was and the Raptor is awe inspiring in the wet. Amazing grip!! I've...
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Go to the Darkside FAQ thread. Look down the list of people doing it. #90 lists the front tire used. I think odot used that one too.
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Last darkside rear I used was Riken Raptor. On road as good as Exalto, off road better than both Exalto and General GMax AS03. I recall one person dbl darksided but that was a long time ago.
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    How far would you ride to grab lunch round trip?

    The farthest for lunch, same day round trip is just under 600 miles. But only one time. Once or twice per year I'll do right at 500 miles same day round trip. Most of the time it's 330-400 miles.
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    Brake Bleed sequence on 2014

    Definitely not a fan. His instructions caused at least one other to break stuff. And if he'd shut up and point once in a while I could maybe choke a video down.
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    Changing 2006 Gen 2 Fork-Oil

    I highly recommend you read the service manual procedure for checking level after refilling. Done fully compressed. The fluid itself has been discussed many times, mostly in that there is really no "standard" for weight designations of suspension fluids. I use Honda SS-8, 195 lbs, strickly...
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    Pirelli Angel ST front and rear set available on Amazon $214.00 with free shipping That's right both tires for $214.00

    I think the STs were phased out. They still show up for sale but I always get a GT when I order one.
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    TOP Box Replacement Recommendations

    I had a factory box with a stiffy. It was fine but the Givi is hands down much better IMHO.