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    WTB Gen2/3 Sargent seat or Trade (+$) for my RDL

    I don’t have a Sargent seat, but how much are you asking for the RDL? Any pictures?
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    GEN II headlight access

    Yes, from the top.
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    GEN II headlight access

    Yes, same here - with only a small amount of skin removal in the process. Next time I will wear some 9 mil nitrile gloves to change bulbs, but I hope that I won’t have to do that for a while. I installed fanless LEDs, so I am hoping for a long service life.
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    GEN II headlight access

    I am glad that you had safe rides so far, and I sincerely hope that that will continue for as long as you travel in the future. However, are you sure that everyone else on the road appreciates and understands your flashing high beams for what they were intended for? - Just asking. If I flash my...
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    GEN II headlight access

    I am 100% in agreement with @RossKean on his opinion about headlight modulators. My (new to me) '06 came with a one, and that is the very first farkle I removed as soon as I got the bike home after buying it. I get annoyed at seeing constant flashing high beams (at me) from motorcycles whether I...
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    Wind Roar

    @Bandit Greg , I have been riding my FJR since it came out in 2003, and two other bikes since 1986. I tried a number of windshields (high and low), earplugs (foam and custom mold), laminar lip, etc. on the FJR. I am only 5'9", so I may not have the issues taller rider experience, but riding a...
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    2003 OEM Muffler question

    @RossKean, thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts. I appreciate it. My bike came with the PCIII, and I can confirm that the mileage I get on the '06 is noticeably lower than what I got from my '03 that did not have it. I am not overly concerned about the mileage discrepancy...
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    2003 OEM Muffler question

    Hi RossKean, My '06 came with a set of Leo Vince Titanium cans mounted too, but the original mufflers also were included. I like the sound of the LV cans - they are barely used as the bike only has 8K on it now. However, if down the road the LV cans get will get much louder, I will want to...
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    First Night Ride

    When I was (much) younger, I had a job for about 6 years that started in the evening, and ended when we completed the workload - anywhere from 10pm -7am. My primary (sometimes only) transportation back then was a Yamaha Seca 550 with a single, sealed-beam headlight. The commute was about 30 mile...
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    STS Turn Signal Harness for Gen 3 FJR1300

    I don't have access to a Gen 3 FJR, or a wiring diagram for it. However, this video on YouTube from TwoWheelObsession gives indication that the wiring loom for the turn signal changed significantly from the Gen 2 models. If the connector type can be identified, and is available somewhere...
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    Parts For Sale SOLD: STS Harness for Gen II FJR1300 (one only) $10 plus shipping

    I made a Smart Turn System plug-and-play harness that connects to the STS module, and between a Gen II FJR1300's existing connectors in its wiring harness. The original instructions were posted by @DesignFlaw (Tim) at...
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    Brake Job - Need confirmation of these parts

    That is great! Good for you. No doubt that we all have different skill and knowledge levels. Some find specific tools helpful in getting their tasks done faster and more efficiently, and those tools may not be necessary at all for others to get theirs done just as well. To each his own. At the...
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    Brake Job - Need confirmation of these parts

    Just a note about Speed Bleeders: if you opt to replace your stock bleeder valves with them, keep the original valves in a safe, easy-to-find place. I think that Speed Bleeders are very useful if you are doing your own brake fluid flushes without needing a helping hand. And, that is all that...
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    Brake Job - Need confirmation of these parts

    I recently did a full brake pad change and brake line/clutch fluid flush on my '06. The bike at that time had less than 8,000 miles on it, but obviously it has been sitting for many years. So to refresh everything and to make sure that all systems work I opted to go through the procedure. I...
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    @John The Air Intake Temperature sensor is threaded into the air filter case. I don't have info on the 2012 model, but on my 2006 it is visible if I remove the font seat, and look towards the engine, under the metal bracket that holds the seat's front cleat down. It is threaded into the plastic...