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  • Interesting read on the suspension.I also have a 09.What would who suggest? I'm 220lbs without gear.

    Currently have two lines at top fork and 8and8 front.rear 8 with lever on hard. Bike handles OK but seems to pogo at times. And any fwy truck lane I need a kidney belt.Can who give me some recommendation?

    I was wondering if I could change my screen name from Jeffs to BadgerMan. When I first joined the FJR forum I was an ST owner so I filled the info out quickly. Now that I am a proud FJR owner I would like my screen name to change. Thanks.

    I saw a post from 07' on brake pad wear. I tried finding some info but have struck out. Your pic looked very similar to my recent find. Would you steer me in the forum?

    Would appreciate some help-thanks

    Crap-in-a-hat.....didn't know you were such a youngster! 45...hell, I've got underwear stains older than you!

    Clear out your inbox, guy. Somebody might want to PM you. Maybe you could get another friend besides Fairlaner, for pete's sake.

    Happy B-Day SkooterG, My birthdate is today too. We saw you at SW-FOG and really did not have enough time to connect. Maybe next time I hope. Go Jimmy Johnson! My driver, 5 in a row. Yahoo

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