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    In serious need of maintenance manuals for my 07 FJR

    Okay if nobody wants it and he's going to Chuck it in the bin I was giving it away for free but this is of a problem f*** it... I tried the stupid private PM's on this forum it didn't seem to f****** work so I tried to email instead
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    In serious need of maintenance manuals for my 07 FJR

    2006-7 service manual Gen Yam LIT-11616-19-83 up for grabs just pay postage
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    Lowering Suspension Kit

     Does the the lowering kit have any effect on handling  tire wear ....?...  A bit short in the pants myself  5’7”
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    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

     Go for it I’ve been looking up and down in my area not found one yet  and the delay on the tag is driving  me crazy  Lol
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    SOLD FS Gen II Stock seat w/passenger seat

    thanks... seth said seat in great shape
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    PIAA slim horns

     Just put a pair of PIAA slim  horns on the bike got to use it the first day some lady in a truck pulling out in front of me she almost pissed her self ..  It was an easy fix but I have a question on the right side looking at the bike from the front you can use the bracket that’s  already there...
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    SOLD FS Gen II Stock seat w/passenger seat

     Looking to get a leam  Seat but like to ride all year around looking for a temporary seat..  when my seat off getting work done .... does GEN 2 work  on my 19 Gen 4 A ?...
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    Garage Door Opener

     I go with a kiss method too I always wear a jacket spring  Summer fall and winter,  just put the clicker in my  pocket with the button facing outwards. just push on the pocket.  even winter gloves. still works 😉
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    Battery Problem?

    LED's don't like the cold or heat too...
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    loving the new formate ..but can we update profile ..for year and model for 2019 an 2020 ?
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    2020 FJR1300

    looks like the 2019A "liquid graphite" with black accents :punk:
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    Rear Seat Removal

    hi danki.. :) that only for the gen 4 mate