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    Motorcycle Wind Noise Comparison Test Should You Wear Earplugs

    From that wikipedia article: "Up to 120 minutes of recovery time can be required of noises of only 95 dB. For comparison, common items that can produce noise at this level are motorcycles and subways"
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    Motorcycle Wind Noise Comparison Test Should You Wear Earplugs

    Loud noise exposure causes "temporary threshold shift" (TTS), basically reducing your ear's sensitivity to sound (making your hearing worse): Excess noise also causes physical/mental fatigue. So ear plugs keep noise levels down, avoiding TTS...
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    Best slip-on exhaust to buy?

    The's actually something worth mentioning. Some after market mufflers use fiberglass (or other similar materials) to muffle the sound. It degrades over time and gets louder, then needs to be "re-packed" occasionally with new material. The Remus exhaust uses steel baffles and never needs any...
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    Ok, do you "fast shift" or "slow shift"?

    Sounds like you need to return your defective FJR. Redline should be at 9k, and 2nd gear should get you to just about 90mph. No need for 3rd on the freeway! I like the challenge of always trying to get quick and seamless shifts, with just a quick partial squeeze of the clutch. Almost a...
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    Motorcyclist startles motorist who ran red light.

    Not sure about whatever state that video is from, but here in Michigan there's nothing illegal about crossing a single solid line. Single solid line just means "there's some reason that we feel changing lanes here should be discouraged, but go ahead and do so with care."
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    If there was a complete kit available for it, I probably would have done it already :) . A completely custom install would be too expensive me. I'm pretty much limited to the tune provided by Prodigy. My boost is simply controlled by a mechanical wastegate, so it cannot be controlled by the...
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    Bigger tires are actually next on my list. I started with a base model with no options (except A/C), so I have the small 29" stock tires. I'm not going huge. Just 33x12.5. I already have a 2" lift, which was necessary for clearance between the front driveshaft and the turbo kit's exhaust. That...
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    My FJR was quite neglected last year. I barely rode it last summer. I actually drove a 4-wheeled cage nearly every day. Here's why: Yeah, I got a Jeep. And then I put a turbo in it. So first of all, a Jeep is MUCH more enjoyable to drive than my previous cage (Pontiac Sunfire). It's a...
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    Euro Handlebar Switch Source

    ...and when looking for a good deal on the handlebar controls from the Kawasaki, all you really care about is the condition of the flash-to-pass button. The button transfers over to the FJR control housing perfectly. But you're on your own for wiring it up to function as flash-to-pass I didn't...
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    Euro Handlebar Switch Source

    If the 2012 FJR uses the same handlebar controls as the 2008 FJR, then look for the handlebar controls for a Kawasaki Concours 1400. Same exact handlebar controls, except that the Kawasaki has the flash-to-pass button (yes, the USA/NA version!). I got one from a wrecked bike off e-bay for a good...
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    Best slip-on exhaust to buy?

    Another vote for the Remus Hexacone. Expensive, but very nice. I got the titanium version (outer shell is brushed titanium). I also like the minimal logo and a real mounting bracket instead of a strap wrapping around the whole can.
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    eBay WTF?

    "Custom Bill Mayer touring seat with VIBERIDER installed for female passenger pleasure" If Bustanut got his hands on this bike, he'd be riding around all stretched out so he could sit on the passenger seat. He'd probably make some lame excuse about shifting seating positions during the ride to...
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    Tech day VI post up

    Looks like I won't be making it :( I've been battling some kind of illness for the past couple weeks that keeps me bodily and mentally exhausted. Combined with the awesome weather forecast, I think a motorcycle ride is probably not the best idea for me right now.
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    Try some real twisty routes in Michigan

    I think you're confusing "fixed gear" (fixie) with "single speed". Single speed has only one gear ratio available (no shifters), but can still coast. A fixie takes it one step further by removing the ability to coast. Fixies are like the Harleys of the bike world. Very old outdated...