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  1. valetz

    Gen 1 fuel cell

    I need to know how wide it is so I can try to determine if it'll fit between the givi plates I have on my bike. Looks like it would be pretty close.
  2. valetz

    Gen 1 fuel cell

    photos and width please... (I've tweaked my FJR so I can use Givi E41s so width is an issue with most of the fuel cells people have made)
  3. valetz

    Two 1st Gen's for sale - northern MN

    damn, yeah, if I only needed a backup bike...
  4. valetz

    Nowthen, Another Tech Day 4/27

    I'll see you on the 28th!
  5. valetz

    MN Tech Day 4/28

    I know.... I didn't get on any of them last year... I've had these tires in the basement since the winter before last (16/17) I haven't been on an FJR since 2016, and that was the one I had in Australia
  6. valetz

    MN Tech Day 4/28

    I'd love to change tires... (Can I bring the tires for my SV too?)
  7. valetz

    MN Tech Day 4/28

    I will try to make it this year! (again) It's the only thing on my calendar at the moment!
  8. valetz

    MN Tech Day 4/22

    Tripper, do you have a tire changing setup...? My old tire change buddy moved away.
  9. valetz

    Gen 1 FJR Stuff for sale

    PM incoming, I'll take the dash
  10. valetz

    What the best MC road resource for Australia

    Thanks all, I had a lovely time, you've got some wonderful roads.
  11. valetz

    What the best MC road resource for Australia

    Anyone watching this section? I'll be in Australia in about a week (landing in Canberra, where I've got an FJR waiting) and I've got 8-10 days to go ride. Where should I be looking for good sources of info on roads. (at the moment I've got the Hema maps, and that's about it..) I know I'm...
  12. valetz

    CFO 2010 Registration Open

    Whew, just in the nick of time.
  13. valetz

    FJR Fuel Cell?

    Hey! I know that bike... :yahoo:
  14. valetz

    Fuzeblock FZ-1 Group Buy, Dec 7th-13th ONLY

    Myself ( and another LD Rider, Tony DeLerenzo (, have teamed up to offer a group buy through Tony's site. This is probably the cheapest you'll ever see the fuzeblock so I thought I would share it with LDRiders also. Direct Link...
  15. valetz

    The Dates are Set for CFO 2010

    And, don't forget the cool group photo's you can shoot from up on the roof. ('05)