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Departed But Not Forgotten
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  1. Mark, that was nice. You have seen Tim's 36 video,yes?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving 2010 Tim.

    Hosted a Jack in your honor and memory today.

  3. Got to chase your Strom through some twisties yesterday. Carver's doing it proud. Hope somebody worthy buys your '05 and Pattie gets to come visit us soon. Vaya con Dios, my friend.

  4. See you later buddy

  5. Just too quiet around here without you - not the same. Hope you're in a better place, but would rather you be slummin' around here with us. El Piggo

  6. This place just isn't the same now. I miss your humor and spirit.

  7. Words fail me, friend, your memory will stay with me forever.

  8. WTF Tim!! That wasn't cool bro.. Will miss you tremendously. See ya on the other side one day. Rick

  9. Peace be with you and your family Tim. You will be missed greatly. Thanks for the good advise. Dan

  10. Dang, drat, heck and pshaw.....I miss you already!

  11. Tim I am really gonna miss you buddy.

    Say hi to Andrew for me and ride on.

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