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  1. Day-um! I see who has all the fiends!

    But I gotta go now. That MEM photo is calling me.

  2. ALDAWG,

    They just ain't got nuthin' better to do.

  3. Dang, Bust. All these nice people let you be their friend?

  4. Yer fookin' wit me, aintcha??????

  5. I miss you Baby.. :

  6. dick whistle playa

  7. Dink..

    That's all...

  8. WTF?? Nobody's here??

    Hey you fuks!! Scooter ain't here!

    Let's throw a party and wreck some shit!!

  9. Michael... It just might help if ya did.

  10. come on Frank... Say something!

  11. Turtle gagger.. Why don't you boink sheep or something normal?

  12. This guy is the reason most folks stay away from Canada.....

  13. Beat it Jackasses! Nuthin' to see here.

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