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  1. Not following: 404 error?

    1. allrider


      was this bc the link wouldn't work to the craigslist ad?

  2. So how, uh, old ARE you, exactly, Russ?

  3. Hi mike,Owner Operator for over 15 years best hot dog in Cleveland .larry

  4. Roger put a rear seat up in the "Pay it Forward" thread--a good thing to do in itself. I mentioned I wished I had it for an upcoming trip (to cut down to make more room for a duffel) and he rushed it to the post office and probably paid extra to get it to me super fast. Yer OK, Rog.

  5. What a great and helpfull rider ! He sent me plastic parts to Turkey for the tail fairing for FREE. Nice to see that real men still exist...Thx once again...

  6. Enjoy Mik's company riding or eating.

  7. Clear out your inbox, guy. Somebody might want to PM you. Maybe you could get another friend besides Fairlaner, for pete's sake.

  8. Mike helped me with my seat so he os OK in my book.

  9. Mike sold me a windshield. I really appreciated his hospitality and great communication. He's "all right" by me. -Firedog

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