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  1. Weren't you looking for a low mileage '04? Scroll down to the bottom HERE! :)

  2. Interesting read on the suspension.I also have a 09.What would who suggest? I'm 220lbs without gear.

    Currently have two lines at top fork and 8and8 front.rear 8 with lever on hard. Bike handles OK but seems to pogo at times. And any fwy truck lane I need a kidney belt.Can who give me some recommendation?

  3. I was wondering if I could change my screen name from Jeffs to BadgerMan. When I first joined the FJR forum I was an ST owner so I filled the info out quickly. Now that I am a proud FJR owner I would like my screen name to change. Thanks.

  4. I saw a post from 07' on brake pad wear. I tried finding some info but have struck out. Your pic looked very similar to my recent find. Would you steer me in the forum?

    Would appreciate some help-thanks

  5. I will miss you my friend. Hope you are riding your ass off wherever you may be.

  6. Hey Girl! Good to see you here!

  7. Crap-in-a-hat.....didn't know you were such a youngster! 45...hell, I've got underwear stains older than you! :finger:

  8. Hi SkooterG How is your life going?

  9. Clear out your inbox, guy. Somebody might want to PM you. Maybe you could get another friend besides Fairlaner, for pete's sake.

  10. Happy B-Day SkooterG, My birthdate is today too. We saw you at SW-FOG and really did not have enough time to connect. Maybe next time I hope. Go Jimmy Johnson! My driver, 5 in a row. Yahoo

  11. WTF?? Nobody's here??

    Hey you fuks!! Scooter ain't here!

    Let's throw a party and wreck some shit!!

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