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  1. What's your secret? Shtirrenuppenmeister with no enemies! Amazing!

  2. Sooooo, you don't visit this place anymore. Some of us remember you and miss your acerbic wit!

    Happy birthday, dude.

  3. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

    I hope you and the kids are well and life is calm, if not always "good".

  4. Happy Birthday, dude!

  5. Sorry to read about your incident. Get well and get back on the bike.

  6. Dang, drat, heck and pshaw.....I miss you already!

  7. Happy Birthday to you.......

  8. Heal, my FJR brother! Prayers and positive thoughts sent your way.

  9. Dang, Andrew, I miss you. I'm thinking about next year and there's a hole, just your size, in my heart and in my plans for NorCal rides and NAFO. I hope you found peace for your soul.

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