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  1. Power commander 5

  2. Do you still have a spare lock core for oem top case? Thx

  3. Give me a call and I can walk you through it.

    Marcus 206-915-0016

  4. I will ofer you $20.00 for it, I need it for parts.I just bought one for $20 @ a bike swap meet.

  5. Marcus,

    I hope everything finds you well. I haven't talked to you since I installed the map for my PCV you emailed me some time ago. I am contemplating buying the Autotune but wanted your opinion. I guess the O2 sensor install has me somewhat concerned. Is the PCV with Autotune that much different than a good map on the PCV without a dyno?

  6. I will send them tomorrow, do you want the barends also?



  7. I have the inserts, you pay shipping there yours.

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