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  1. roger dodger cannot receive messages. 


    tried to send a message asking for flash feedback

  2. Hi Roger,

    Looks like I might be needing that muffler, spanked the old girl pretty hard today.


  3. I'm interested in the bike. Which topbox does it have? any pics? Also, any bar risers? or other dash pics? Thanks much, Roger

  4. Roger put a rear seat up in the "Pay it Forward" thread--a good thing to do in itself. I mentioned I wished I had it for an upcoming trip (to cut down to make more room for a duffel) and he rushed it to the post office and probably paid extra to get it to me super fast. Yer OK, Rog.

  5. Ant, Thanks for the bump...but I found a replacement pipe. I am still needing a R mirror or a set of Gen 1 FZ1 mirrors.

  6. Matt, Since I can't make the CFO, I was planning on making this ride of yours. May I meet you @ 7am and ride down together? LMK how your schedule looks. Thanks, Roger

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