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I guess I'm the classic re-entry rider. I started riding in 1968 on a BSA 250 Starfire(?), went to a '69 Triumph Bonneville, sold that for $950.00 and bought a Kawasaki 500 triple 2 stroke in 1972 for $1'000.00. That bike was an absolute terror at the time ! Flash forward 30 years. Rode a Kawasaki Mean Streak for 6 mos., an Indian Scout for 2 hours (took it back to the dealer-what a pos) a Harley Heritage classic for 3 yrs. Put 100,000 on that bike and then traded it for the 07 Feej. I've really enjoyed all these bikes and still love my FJR. Looking forward to the new FJR if they ever come out with one. It's the perfect all around bike for me. Even though it's an H.D slogan "Live to ride,Ride to live"..

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