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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. I have the Evoline early model and have had a problem with the sun shade. It developed deep scratches down the center of the shade caused by something in the shell. I returned it and they replaced it with a new helmet. Modular helmets are more noisy than full face and that is due to the moveable parts. I am told the EVO II is a much better helmet. Better sun shade coverage and quieter.

  3. Last major ride of the season was up to WA to ride Mt Rainier Natl'l Park and on the the N.Cascade Highway. Lucked out on the weather clear warm days and great scenes.

  4. I too have an 07 and want to go with the FZ1 mirrors. Where did you get them and how much do they cost? Did you get the spacers as well? tks, Art

  5. OK, parcel post should be the cheapest method. I'll gladly pay you for the shipping. Art

  6. Do you still have the oil filter? If yes, how much to send it to zip 94582 San Ramon, CA. Parcel post is fine for this item. Art

  7. Have you sold the bike? If not, any interest in selling the Corbin seats? If yes, how tall are you and what is your inseam? I'm 5'9" and cannot quite flat foot at rest with stock seat.

  8. Are the Mayer seats still avail?

  9. Do you still have the mufflers? If yes are they free of any rust or damage?

  10. I could use a left side. Any interest in selling just one? If not how much would you accept for both?

  11. Kebo, I read your thread conc the Russell seat not being low enough for your build. I too am 5'9". I contacted Russell aking about a seat that would let me flat foot at rest. They told me they do not build a seat that is lower than the stock seat, indicationg it would not give enough room for proper cushion on the seat pan. I was told by another rider to check with Bill Mayer Saddles....

  12. Chrisflock, Tks for your post on forum regarding front wheel lift. I just made the device and it works great. I note you are in LaCross, WI. Iwent to school at Winona State 1961-65. They had a great October Fest in LaCrosse in those days. Art

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