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  1. The mirrors look great and are surely worth what you are asking, but would you consider 40 shipped. If not, I will think harder.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Hi Tree Doc, Not sure if you were interested in the tankbag but its still available if you want it.?

  3. Hey, Sup!

    Just stumbled on your comment when I was cleaning out all my old messages.

    Send Barrie (Airhead164 - I thinks it's 164?) a message and he'll put you on the email list. He's in Grover Beach and has all the ride connections locally with all these retired bastards!

    I'm headed out solo (2up) tomorrow to 58, 229, Shell Creek, maybe even S...

  4. hey Treedoc, how are things. When are you and your group going on your next ride? I remember (I think) you guys ride on Wednsday's. Please let me know, if possible I would like to go with you in the future.

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