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  1. Interesting read on the suspension.I also have a 09.What would who suggest? I'm 220lbs without gear.

    Currently have two lines at top fork and 8and8 front.rear 8 with lever on hard. Bike handles OK but seems to pogo at times. And any fwy truck lane I need a kidney belt.Can who give me some recommendation?

  2. As in any group and or forum you will find it to be a little cl-icky. Those that have nothing else to do with there life's but be smart-ass's and spend way to much time on this forum. Then there are the 2% that want to help out,regardless what the ? If this help's Chaparral Motorsport.com for tires. Good Luck

  3. Sorry,I clicked the mouse to soon.

  4. All done easy peasy.

    Thanks Again see ya around the ole forum.

  5. ? on install of grip buddies.

    Did you have to glue them on?

    I received a set yesterday and installing now.


  6. Thanks for your input kman. My son was living in Valencia but the acting career never took off so he's back in Central Illinois.

  7. Buy a Gold Wing ,BMW high maintenance,FJR not for 2 up ride comfort and very buzz y............

    The Gold Wing will take you anywhere in comfort and is most reliable.

  8. I have a 2009 1300A with under 15K mileage.Also has over $3500.00 in add-on's with such names as.

    HELLA horns,HVMP bar ends,BMW grips,G2 throttle tamer,BREAKAWAY cruise control,HELI bar risers,MCKNIGHT tank bra,engine sliders,Dual LED lic., frame,Corbin seats,and STAINTUNE Exhaust.

    Just had service work done with K&N filters,10w-50w full synthetic oil and new CONTI-MOTIO...

  9. Money sent IE PayPal

  10. I'l watch for payment, Thanks

  11. Perfect, here's my address


    24014 Sag Harbor Ct.

    Valencia Ca 91355

    Thanks Again Herb

  12. And my apoligies for teh confusion. This Forum system has many options and I am a bit lost at times right now. I just don't want to miss someone because I can't figure something out.

  13. And it will fit that model. That's the exact model it was purchased for and the same model I own now. Brand new and never installed. Thanks.

  14. Response where please?

  15. Yes I'll take it,just want to be sure it fits my

    09 1300A. Thanks

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