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  1. Hi, I've been browsing the site for some answers and it looks like you might be able to advise me. I have a 2008 with 130,000 miles. My bike stopped for the first time, I got it back home and had a look. The 4 indicators were glowing and the brake lights didn't work. I thought spider bite, sure enough the S3 was brown and rough looking. I crimped it, no joy. I also crimped the spider by the ECU as the brake light is earthed through that, no joy. It would start really rough but unrideable and it will stall. There were no error codes initially but the ER-1 (ECU error) now shows. I have an '09 ECU to try this weekend. Can you help me to check if my 2008 ECU is actually gone bad? Any advice appreciated.

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