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  1. Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Rich, but I knew him. I knew him like we all know each other. We have a bond that is shared between like minded enthusiasts. I believe the FJR bond is extra special. We are not bikers and we are not posers.


    We are riders and the motorcycle is the tool that we used to re-affirm our belief that the world is a beautiful place where good people do good things for the right reason. We are happy and honored to be part of this group. And when one of us is hurting or worst, we feel for them as though they are our own - because they are.


    Ms. Christensen - I wish you peace soon. Know that your husband was loved, treasured, and respected by his extended family.

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  2. Like Andrew, I only met him once at YFO. But like all of you, I knew him, and was proud to know him. He was one of us. I hope Marty and Gramps and others that were very close to Petey are OK. And I hope his family finds some comfort knowing that Petey was admired across the world.


    78 wasn't that young 20 years ago, but you can bet your ass it's way too young now.


    Like many of us, Petey understood the true meaning of life - to live in peace and be happy in your endeavors. Ride on, my friend. We will miss you.

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