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  1. Hi i have a 1 wheeled trailer i am taking to sturgis behind my fjr so ill keep you posted how this works out i am building my own hitch i found the hitch idea at http://www.fjrowners.com/forums/10-fjr-fakling-ii/8801-trailer-hitch-06-fjr.html

    Man thats a long address hope this will help you out

  2. Hi i was wondering if you have tried your trailer out and how dose the tire on it hold up to freeway speed for long runs im asking because the trailer i just uses a 4.00-4 wheel like you do and the only tire i can find to replace it is for a Wheel barrel

  3. how do i post photos

  4. like that picture draging pegs and 1 leg in the air,Way To Go!!

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