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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a gen 3 shock for my 2006 and saw a post where you might have one. If so can you let me know if its for sale and what its worth and how many miles on it? I'm in Prince Edward Island Canada. Postal code is C0A 1Y0 to calculate shipping.




  2. Hello,I would like to ask you about a post you answered last year about hard wireing ear buds into a Garmin 40 .I would like to do the same thing ,only the ear bud cable I have has 3 wires ,red-blue &green.Which 2 wires go together & which is the common ?I'm thinking the green might be the common ? Thanks for your help.

    1. ERS


      Hi Sliick2,


      Usually the red and green are the left and right signal and blue is common. To verify you can use an ohmmeter or you can strip the 3 wires and try them on the GPS speaker. try red and blue and you should hear sound in 1 ear, then try green blue and the other should work if this works then blue is common and you can connect blue to one terminal on the speaker and connect the red and green wires to the other terminal. if this didn't work try other combinations across...

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