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  1. Hi,Chuck the "box" has landed! Thank You.. Much nicer than I expected,I love that you included all the paper work and instructions.Thanks again,Hope you and family have a nice christmas.Larry

  2. Hi I'am in cleveland OH 44102 I do have Pay Pal account so this will be easy .Larry

  3. Hi,Geoge .Here's the tracking #03112550000014795289 ..exected delivery o8/06/12

  4. Hi... can I buy your helmet??

  5. Hi.How do what to handle the money?? e'mail larrypopa@sbcglobal .net or call...216 906 0255 hope it's nice Larry

  6. Hi, I to have an '07" ,do you still have givi rack? larrypopa@sbcglobal.net or call 216 906 0255, Thanks Larry

  7. Hi, Took the golf bag holder,design in a diffrent direction,so I don't need the bag anymore.If you know anyone looking?? Larry

  8. hi.. am I to late.??? if not,I'll take them. larrypopa@sbcglobal.net ...or call 216 651 7308 ask for Larry.. Thanks

  9. hi, is the box still for sale? call.. Larry@216 651 7308,in Cleveland not to far away

  10. Hi, do the twisted throttle mirror extensions work well, or if you where to do it again,would you get the FZ1 mirrors? I have hand gaurds and they take up about half my mirrors,..Larry

  11. I've got to get a picture or something, I look just like those other guy's Larry

  12. hi,I have an 07, If you don't mind me asking t,,how much was your suspension upgrade? I don't have a clue how much this cost ,,,but I'am sure it makes a huge diffrence. Larry

  13. ,,MrMoto,,the G2 tube is available with diffrent cam profiles #400 is the best one for FJR sould be stamped on there somewhere .if you need to get a hold of me, I;am at, larrypopa@sbcglobal.net hope to talk to you soon... Larry

  14. Hey ,Joe ... do you have McCruise installed on your bike ? Larry

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