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  1. Hi Dave,How goes it? How's the new bike? I'm counting days until the heat and humidity drops here so riding is even more enjoyable.


  2. Doing good here in FL.Dealing with heat and humidity instead of good old GB rain!Don't have to use bike 100%,it is a treat to myself and I have no regrets.How's conditions up there?

  3. Hi Mac. Another expat. From southeast London took the plunge after 30+ years and love it! At least I manage to avoid my pet hate (rain) here mostly! Lots of great info and jokers on this forum. Steve

  4. Hi Terry. Another Englishman here made the right choice. Got mine after a 30+ year break and yes I wanted the comfort of sitting upright on a big machine. Steve

  5. Hey there I'm in Valrico too. Do you still have the FJR? Steve

  6. Hi Orestes.Good to find a fellow Brit member living near to Orpington, my old town. How's the bike? Steve

  7. Hi Gary.Tire looks wicked.Do you get any group riding in up there? Steve, Valrico

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