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  1. I do have a full price offer pending just ahead of you but if that falls through I'll consider this offer. Thanks, Herb

  2. If you would take $200 shipped, I'll do. M.

  3. I'l watch for payment, Thanks

  4. And my apoligies for teh confusion. This Forum system has many options and I am a bit lost at times right now. I just don't want to miss someone because I can't figure something out.

  5. And it will fit that model. That's the exact model it was purchased for and the same model I own now. Brand new and never installed. Thanks.

  6. Response where please?

  7. Hi, just checking in to see if you're still interested or should I move on?

  8. OK, I'll do the $125.00 complete on the Brakeaway CC if you're still willing.

    PayPal to nnervous@roadrunner.com



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