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I'm a former Information Technology Director for a global manufacturing company that was headquartered in Western KY and now I work on integration projects for the huge corporation that acquired us. I'm originally from Southern IL where I grew up on a farm with an older brother that loved motorcycles and a father that encouraged us to ride. 

I got the 2007 FJR in May 2012 as my wife wanted me to get something for longer trips. I sold my Honda VTX1300 in the Spring of 2014 and bought a 2007 Goldwing to extend the mileage even more for her, but I rode the FJR almost every day to work up until the job change. Now I travel and work from home which has cut into the daily riding. 

I became a huge fan of motorcycle training after some classes in 2013. I was shocked how many bad habits I had when I took the advanced rider course. I then did the Total Control class and then took the FJR to Barber in Birmingham for a track day in 2013. I find I still struggle to look through the curve correctly.

I've been riding off and on most of my life with a gap during college, graduated and got a Kawasaki KZ1000 then sold that in the late 90's when my daughters were young. I gave it up for a while because I didn't want to risk not being around for them. After my kids got older, I got back into riding in 2007.  Our favorite trips on the FJR have been E Ky, West Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, and Arkansas as we love the mountain twisties.

We did our first ride out west in late August 2014 on the Goldwing and it spoiled the FJR for my wife. She now only wants to take the wing when we go on long trips. Our previous distance high was just over 2000 miles, but we did 5300 to Montana and back, and we were ready to do more when we got home. The Goldwing really eats up the interstate miles and still handles the curves really well. 

2020 is the first year we haven't taken a long motorcycle trip since that Montana trip. We at least got to do Arkansas in June and had a good week in the twisty roads of NC and surrounding states in Oct.

I bought an MT-10 in November 2020 to have some more variety from my sport tourers and to motivate me to get out and ride in the Covid isolation funk I was in. I wanted to try a lighter bike but the MT-07 didn't speak to me so I bought the faster MT-10.  I can't believe I bought a faster bike than the FJR because I've always said it was too fast for me, but it sure is fun so far.

For now I still have room in the garage for the FJR, so I will likely keep it a while. If I find I'm not riding it next year, I will need to sell it as it deserves to be ridden.  It is such a great bike and will probably always be my favorite.

Along with riding, I enjoy playing guitar and keyboard, leading worship, and photography.

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